Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Live! From her Pajamas... it's Wednesday night!

  • I have blogged 17 times since the beginning of the year. A new low.
  • I just got off the phone with a pre-screener for a candy focus group. Don't you worry, of course I was qualified for the study. It was probably all of the "I never feel guilty for eating candy..." answers that sealed the deal. I'm part of the "Mounds" study later this month. Thank you free $100.
  • Half of our office is traveling this week, so the other half of us decided to make it "Work from home Wednesday." It's 6:22pm and I'm still in my pajamas. Grand.
  • Not only is it obnoxious to have adult acne, but having to pay for prescription drugs to treat adult acne is adding insult to injury. I thought we were getting free prescription drugs in January...
  • Are you eating baked Cheetos yet? OH so good.
  • I did my first outdoor run yesterday. I hate it. 25 days til the marathon, 26 days until I give up running.
  • I really can't stop watching this video of an unexpected singer with an unexpected voice. I tear up nearly every time. It's so rare to see something so humanizing on TV--in an unexpected place, and starring everyone's favorite crankypants Simon Cowell!
  • Today, I felt the need to do something completely drastic--in times past this meant putting a blue streak in my hair, moving to Boston, dying my hair red, etc. Today, it meant signing up for a Candy focus group. (Am I getting lame?)
  • Some out-of-my-control things going on in my life right now. This song has become my anthem of late. It's worth a listen.
  • Last week I left my keys in Portland, misplaced my wallet, and had my email hacked and all my work folks spammed. I had to rely on my roommate to let me into the house and I couldn't bide time away from the house because I had no where to spend money. It was kind of dramatic. Luckily, it's all been sorted out. This week is already a +5 over last week's drama rama.
  • In my yearly pilgrammage to Mecca (aka Utah), my lovely sister Alaina does a photoshoot. Let's call this my 316-month-old shoot. (That's right calculator: (26 x 12) + 4. I don't do complex math on my own.) To promote her business, here's the link to my shoot. If you have photo needs in Utah, give her a buzz. She's amazing. She'll also be shooting the bestie's wedding in Boston in August, so if you're local and need something done, let her or I know! I inadvertantly rocked some major 80's fashion and hair, but it was all in good fun.
  • We're all facebook friends, right? I mean I don't have to post all the photos from my Salt Lake/Portland Extravaganza, do I? Okay, just a few.
  • MUST GO. VTee I've been trying to reach forever just called wanting to do dinner. Time to get OUT of jams...


kendall said...

I HATE running outside! But I love this blog, thanks for the brain dump. Looove.

Rachel said...

I have so many things to say about this blog post.

1. Thanks for visiting me in Utah, I love you.
2. GOODJOB running. I kind of hate running.
3. Thanks for sharing that article about that singer on British American Idol. I seriously watched it three times last night AND showed it to my roommates. And that article was so well written!
4. Hahahhahha 316-month-old photo shoot! You are a crack up.

Kristen said...

Baked Cheetos are ab-fab.

Alaina said...

Thanks for the shout out. You are definitely a supermodel and I can't WAIT for YOUR Boston shoot. Now you have 4 months to scout out the most amazing locations!...

K. Marie Criddle said...

That photoshoot is GORGEEEOUS, Nat. You're stunning, stunning, stunning. ANTM totally lost out.

ju said...

Simon is more of a global favorite, don't you think? What with the accent and all...

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