Monday, November 29, 2010


Six glorious days in Panama doing a whole lotta this.
life is good

And this:
And this:
And this is how many swimsuits TWO of us went through in a week. TWO.

I'm back. I'm protesting our return by ignoring my winter coat and continuing to wear shoes without socks. (My coworkers are amused.) The weather is cooperating by keeping the weather in the mid-40's. In fact, it's supposed to hit SIXTY on Wednesday, December 1st. The first day back at work is always the hardest. But no worries -- I'm keeping my sanity by working on plans for my late Spring trip. Croatia anyone?

I like to think I'll blog more stories, photos and memories from the trip. Given my follow-through of late, I'm not holding my breath. But everyone loves a surprise--including me--so it's possible (things are happening evvvvvveryyyyyydaaaaaay.[end musical reference]).

Thursday, November 11, 2010

DML: A new acronym for you

The references to my new church service calling have piqued the interest of several of you--I've been getting out-of-blog questions about what on earth I'm doing. So, since the cat's out of the bag with my calling and setting apart and sustaining, here we go. Prepare yourself, it's a mouthful.

Stake Digital Mission Leader

(And when you hesitate saying it out loud because you can't remember all the words, don't feel bad. It happens to the best of us.)

It's not a familiar sounding calling because it's not a familiar calling. In fact, it's one of the very first (if not the first) of its kind. (Or my co-DML and I make two.) We've been tasked with organizing and creating a model for a Digital Mission in the Stake that's not only well functioning and productive but also potentially replicable throughout the Church. No pressure, right?

The short of the issue is that there isn't a whole lot of positive Mormon content online. Sure, it exists, but anti-Mormon websites greatly outrank positive--or even neutral!--thoughts, reactions, or description of Mormon beliefs. There's a bit of a race to catch up in some areas but there are plenty of low-hanging fruit tasks and projects that can be accomplished. (I won't start in on them, I could talk for longer than anyone has interest.)

So the last six weeks have been meetings, meetings, meetings, and praying, praying, praying, and talking and thinking and discussing and teaching and writing and coding and calling and really just feeling like miracles are coming to pass. (I shared some more of the personal, spiritual side over here.) Right now I have a testimony of Google Docs and shared spreadsheets and my two-hour weekly meetings with my Co-DML in which we accomplish more in a two-hour meeting than most meetings accomplish in eight (I know, I do meetings for a living).

Question: What's better than checking things off a To Do list?
Answer: Checking things off a church service To Do list. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink.

To those of you who've known by big news, boy do I appreciate your support and encouragement. I should feel in over my head but instead I'm finding us able to attack things in small, bite sized pieces. We figure out one line before we move to the next. I hear the precepts are next!

Moral of the story: Go watch a Mormon Message and feel good feelings. Still my favorite.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

quick! give me a fake number.

So that Daylight Savings thing happened. And it feels like it's 8 at night for 5 hours of the day which is mathematically impossible but the first week is always the worst, yes? Linda and I had the early bird special at the Texas Roadhouse by eating at 5:00pm, but it might as well have been 8:00.

8's and 5's. 8's and 5's. There are probably more numbers I could choose from, but if I dared you to spit out a fake phone or social security number, I guarantee it would contain only three maybe four digits. It's like playing Scrabble. My vast vocabulary is suddenly depleted to 40 words that are each only 4-letters long. 5 if I can add an -s. Formal word games and I don't get along so well.

I found myself whistling a Christmas tune tonight at TJ Maxx Home Goods. (I only whistle Sleigh Ride. It's so catchy.) Could be that we surrounded by four aisles worth of Christmas stuff, or it could be that I only ever whistle two songs and Sleigh Ride is one (the riff from the Robin Hood cartoon is the other, thanks for asking). I didn't mind the early Christmas though--in fact I nearly bought 3.5 foot tree for our counter. But then I remembered all my ornaments are in Portland and it's only November 9th.

I got kind of crazy last week and cut bangs. Like real bangs. After not having any for 3 years. And when you're standing there in front of the mirror and are about to cut off 11 inches of hair from the very front, you sort of see your life flash before your eyes. But not really, because it's just hair and it will grow back. AND STRAIGHT BANGS ARE A GET-OUT-OF-JAIL-FREE CARD FOR YOUR EYEBROWS. I could be alright with this for awhile.

I can't can't can't wait for the holidays. Anxiously awaiting a week for Thanksgiving on the Panamanian beach with some of my best girl friends and then another 3 weeks out west split between Portland and Salt Lake. Plus my 43rd birthday in the mix and it's a cornucopia of holiday delight. I need to find myself a pumpkin pie (or better yet a pumpkin cake roll) and life will be A++++.

On the work front, a project I've been working on for 23-months went live this week! It's been a lot of work over the last two years, particularly the last 5 months, and particularly in particular the last two weeks. Good job everyone.

And with that, it really finally IS 8:00. Time to go find some Say Yes to the Dress. Happy November folks!

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