Monday, July 31, 2006

So You Think You're Obsessed?

There's no debate. We are.

Unfortunately, our house is still operating under the grey cloud left when Allison was voted off last week. What a sad sad sad day. And we still talk about it--the cruelest cut yet. How excited we were to find out that Allison really is in fact a Mormon. And she comes from a poor family and has been cleaning the studio for 10+ years now to pay for her dance classes. What a classy, beautiful, phenomenal dancer. She really shouldn't have gone--but we'll look forward to seeing her dance somewhere else; hopefully in Utah!

Here are a few funny banners I found from super crazy obsessed fans. (We're only super obsessed fans.) They feature my favorite dancers left on the show.

Put Your Mind to It, Go For It

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blind Date with a Baby

For everyone’s enjoyment: a recap of my blind date:

Our new roommate Heather is a waitress at Mimi's Cafe. Last week, a boy left his phone number. Long story short--they were going to go out. In an effort to help Heath feel a little more comfortable, and to satisfy my questionable hope that someday a blind date will in fact be fun, I agreed to go on the date as well.

Yes. This is EXACTLY what my blind date looked like. You may recognize this boy from that hit show, “So You Think You Can Dance?” His name was Jaymz and he got voted off. (Yes, the spelling is beyond my comprehension as well.)

My blind date wasn’t exactly with Jaymz, but a baby named Jordan. That’s right. A BABY. We never exchanged ages exactly, but he got home from his mission in December and he’s best friends with my Nici's much younger brother. (Small world, I know seeing as she wasn’t involved in the setup at all.)

The date wasn’t a bust, it was actually rather fun… Jaymz/Jordan helped us smoke everyone in fooseball and pool—but I think we both knew our age difference was a little hard to overcome. Especially for me… because he still lives at home… has one semester of college done… and probably graduated from high school in 2003. He probably doesn’t even remember the 80’s. I also found it a little hard to look past his tight, trendy muscle v-necked shirt. That’s right. A v-neck.

That’s the last time I let myself get setup with a stranger the person doing the setting up doesn’t even know. I felt old! But hope springs eternal… right?

Monday, July 24, 2006

High School : RIP

I'm "home" in Portland this weekend, and my mom asked me to go through a box of my stuff that's been in their garage since I graduated. Yes, one box. Over time, and various reorganizations and routine "throw-aways", I consolidated the first 18 years of my life down to one box. One.

In my house, when you graduate and go away to school no shrine is left in memoriam of you, no normalcy at home remains, and the stuff deemed important enough to keep gets boxed and relegated to the garage. And in my case, moved into three different garages as the home unit family upgraded houses.

Going through "the box" was bittersweet. A lot of fun and tender, long-distant memories resurfaced. I reread old yearbook entries and felt pretty good about the high school person I was. A few scattered photos were here and there, and I made me smile.

Interwoven amongst the Homecoming dances, Hubcats, and inside jokes however, was a darker underlayer that I doubt many high schoolers wish to remember. I read a lot of notes back and forth between friends, journal entries, and new year's resolutions that weren't too bright or sunny. My life was so self-imposed dramatic! In rereading, I was awfully embarrassed of the person I was--how silly a teenager I was! (Good to think in ten years I'll think about how silly a 23-year-old I was!) Man oh man oh man. I think High SChoolers must be bored--they create drama out of nothing. Kudos to the two friends I still have from high school who actively read my blog--way to stick around til life got good. I appreciate you!

Anyway, the moral of the story is--I wouldn't go back to High SChool (unless I were Gabriella in High SChool Musical--which we watched again last Thursday night) for anything. Life is much much much too good right now to consider anything differently. This also makes me think of one of my favorite quotes from one of my BYU professors:

What we were is not as important as what we are; and what we are is not as important as what we can become.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Letter to TRL

Tonight Krista and I finalized our travel plans to New York City over Labor Day. One of our greatest goals in life is to be on National TV--and NYC is the place to get things done! What follows is an email I so eloquently wrote to TRL (that's Total Request Live for you non MTV-literate people) in an effort to gain tickets to the show:

TRL peeps:

My roommates and I are coming all the way from the SLC to the NYC and would looooooooove to be on TRL. Can you find a space for a few unmarried 23-year-old Mormons? (Yes! We exist!) We're looking for the full New York urban experience. Let me know if and or what you need from me to make this dream a reality!

Thanks sooo much in advance!
Nat Attack

Original Thought - Our Need to Keep Searching

I've been thinking about my blog lately and realizing I'm using it as a travel log. While that's all well and dandy (and I'll no doubt update early next week about my trip to Portland), I'd like to think I have deeper thoughts and a greater ability to write more than a summarized recap of what happened the day/weekend before. Writing a "this is what I chronologically did" blog is much easier than collecting random thoughts, analyzing them, and then presenting them in a logical, entertaining, and hopefully thoughtful manner.

Maybe I'm taking myself too seriously.

Nonetheless, I was driving home from work last week and had an epiphany of experience. I've been on a country music kick this last year and as such, the country format dominates the speed-dial buttons on my radio. I pushed a random country-music button and to my great delight, my favorite song was on--and even better, it was just beginning! The long, hot drive home suddenly seemed a little less daunting.

Two seconds later, without giving it a second thought, I scanned through the other two country stations on my speed dial. Heck, I might have even pushed through the other three stations as well. Catching myself air-walking, I started an inner dialogue in my head.

Why? Why? Why?

I was already listening to my absolute favorite song on the radio. It was just starting! What could have been better? What?! I had exactly what I needed at that exact moment to be happy--but I couldn't be complacent until I knew that I had the best option. I had to see if I was missing something better somewhere else.

Even if logically I knew I had the best option, my human nature took over and forced me to wonder what else out there was better. Isn't that what happens in relationships as well? You can be happy dating the person you're with, but eventually you start to wonder who else is out there and what more they can offer you. Why can't we just be satisfied with what we have? Why must we always want more or better? It's a trap I tell you, a trap!

Since then, I've tried really hard to test myself. I turn the radio on and if I like the song playing, I force myself to stay on that station. Really! It's an inner struggle, but I think I'm winning.

Heck, we all want to be winners. And happy, complacent winners to boot. So if want to regain some control in your life, try to lay off the button pushing. Or channel surfing. Or iPod circling.

Learning to be in Control

Drowning in Professionalism

Today my job is overwhelming. Scathing emails, stern words, emergency meetings, harried phone calls, apologetic emails...

Good thing I'm going to Portland this weekend or I might shoot the place up.

Monday, July 17, 2006

What Happens in Vegas...

This last weekend was one of my best of the year. Mel, Nici, and I went down to Las Vegas with our old Provo friends Nate, Jason, Joe, and Danny. Our original intent was to travel for the Dashboard Confessional concert, but we stayed the whole weekend--living it up.

Friday night was the concert itself and started on the wrong foot. What sealed the deal in going to Vegas was the fact Ben Lee was playing. Long story short, he opened the show and we were late... and only caught 1.2 songs. Shame. We did get our photo taken with him after his set though, so it was't a complete bust. He still looks a little (or a lot) like a hobbit. And I'm squatting a lot so I don't tower over him.

The Dashboard show eventually started and freaking rocked our world. The venue (The House of Blues) was perfect; we were standing in the back and could still see the sexy singer's face. Too bad they wouldn't let us take pictures or videos inside the concert. It was such a rush to be there and hear so many songs you love... and have a thousand fans singing along, lyric for lyric... the lights were awesome, the sound was great, and the energy was just amazing. We didn't stop talking about the awesomeness of the show the whole trip.

After the concert we ordered pizza and sat around Nate's house watching funny stuff on TV and chit-chatting.

Day #2 -- Being in Vegas and filling the strain of super-hot-heat we went swimming in the neighbors' pool. Two pools. We're high rollers.
After swimming, we took a delightful little nap, and went to In 'n Out for dinner. Shopping at Urban Outfitters came next -- what a funny sight all of us in the dressing room trying stuff on; it was literally a scene out of a movie.

Then, we did what you do in Vegas -- threw a little money into the Casinos. I won big on the "Queen of Sheba" -- $5.80 on a penny slot... those penny slots are impossible to figure out. This is the conversation when I won big:

Me: (yelping in excitement)
Mel: Good job Nat! You got... two lions and a nine.

The bright lights of the big city are an alluring thing.

We went to Toby Keith's bar inside of Harrah's and did some country/hip-hop dancing. The bouncers didn't believe Nici's ID was real and Mel got carded later on the floor of the casino. We are 17!!!! The second funniest quote of the trip:

Some little Asian man to Jason inside the country bar: I'm so happy to see another Asian face in here!

We gambled some more, we laughed some more, and we watched Joe play some high-stakes roulette. One of the most memorable moments of the trip was the group of people chanting, "Red! Red! Red" on Joe's high-bet roll.

The drive home was pretty uneventful... long and hot... but I had my DVD player and a good disc of Scrubs to watch...

Why does it always seem you have the most fun when time is dwindling the fastest?

Not Everyone's Life Can Be a Music Video

But mine certainly is! Check out this freaking sweet video Cody made in recap of our Prom and our remaining days in the Holla House.

I've probably watched this video 20 times now. How fantastic is this?!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Second Round of Fave Prom Pics

After viewing the Prom photos over and over and over again, I decided I couldn't have just one set of favorites ...

So here's the next set for your viewing pleasure...

Gnat & K-Love

The After Party at Dee's...

The Prom Afterparty

The night after the Prom, we returned to the Great Hall for a little clean-up mop-job and one jamfest sing along.

Notice how much taller Cody is than Heidi? This is the greatest height split amongst our friends. Hello Giant. Hello Bitty.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Last Chance has Come and Gone

Prom was a success. A wild, crazy, would-do-it-again-in-a-heartbeat success. Thanks to all who came, showed any interest, or wish they could have come if not for distance, space, or other various commitments. Two weeks of planning and three days of execution combined to create a true "Sweet Sixteen" experience. I'll post some of my favorite photos here; once I get ahold of all the photos (from our various photographers) they'll be posted here.

The roommates...

Not many 7-month pregnant women would attend their 23-year-old sister's prom. But mine did!

Datamark does the Prom... glad my work peeps showed up!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Last night I attended a Salt Lake Bees game (the minor league team) and sat right on the third baseline. I'd received a pair from a co-worker, so Cody and I headed down to the ballpark. The weather was absolutely perfect--a balmy 75 degrees with a little breeze.

When I say we sat on the third baseline, I really mean the third baseline. We were in the first row behind the visiting team's dugout. Cody and I, both being over the average American height rested our feet on the dugout.

Somewhere in the third inning, Bees player No. 4 stepped to bat. Cody told me this guy would be pro by the end of the summer. Sweet deal, I thought. Then, the moment I can't quite remember but is also impossible to forget. I'm minding my own business when No. 4 swung his bat, and the ball ricocheted into our direction.

Picture time slowing for a moment, and an 80 mile per hour ball suspended in mid-air. Flash forward to the moment I realized it was going to hit me--I calmly turned my head, didn't even flinch, and caught a line-drive into the back of my right thigh. THWACK! The stadium went silent and everyone (including the team in the dugout five feet from me) turned and stared. I was just so flabbergasted! I finally put my hand up and half-smiled so people would quit staring.

I'm now the kind recipient of a perfectly round, baseball-sized bruise mid-way up on the back of my right thigh. (Picture was taken last night, so it's a lot nastier looking today.)

I always say I'm one of the luckiest people alive... and I don't know if taking a baseball to the back of the thigh counts as lucky, but WHO ELSE does this stuff happen to? I had a slim to infinitesimally zero chance of getting hit... and I did. Not really a shock.

The Prom's Publicity

College students revisit prom days, limos and all- 7 Jul 2006
"The Daily Universe"

By Garrett Martin

They may not be gangly, giggly teenagers anymore, but a group of BYU graduates couldn't be more excited for Saturday's prom.

Recent graduates Natalie Williams and Krista Elise are hosting a college/post-college prom at 8:30 p.m. Saturday night in Sugarhouse, complete with marble floors, a curved, flaring staircase and a photo studio to capture all the anticipated magic.

"For those of you whose dreams were shattered when not named prom king or prom queen, this is your chance to show those losers that you still have what it takes to wear the crown with pride, or maybe lose again," prom co-founder Elise said. "Either way, it's the last chance for summer romance, and the price of admission is free."

Sugarhouse High Prom, as the founders call it, will take place in a historic ballroom overlooking downtown Salt Lake.

"It's going to be the real deal," Elise said. "This place has 20-foot ceilings and chic stone pillars, but most importantly an exceptional prom DJ."

DJ Heber Eastman promised a good mix of hip-hop and '90s dance favorites, along with a very minute number of slow songs.

"I'm still looking for a top hat and cane," Eastman said. "This is a formal event and these sort of accessories are to be expected."

The belated prom was conjured up on an overfed diet of MTV and the TV show "Laguna Beach," prom committee president Williams said.

"To reconcile the difference between the sweet-sixteen lifestyle that we see on TV and our church-approved SLC lifestyle, we decided we needed to have prom just one more time," Williams said. "People think we look 17, so we might as well act like it."

The location was donated for the evening through a friend, and the promotion for the event has mainly consisted of mass text messaging, MySpace bulletin boards and word of mouth.
Williams said she hopes to have between 100 and 200 people in attendance.

"It's not your typical dance at the Wilk," she said. "It's prom. It's the bright lights of the big city. It's a chance to get out of Utah County - there is life beyond the U.C."

The dance will go until midnight on Saturday and is located in the Crandall Building at 78 S. Main St. in Salt Lake City. All are invited.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Last Chance Summer Romance

It's that time of year! Prom 2006. Granted it's neither Spring nor are we Seniors in high school, but we have decided to throw a prom. And boy are we excited! In fact, we can't stop talking about it.

Please join us Saturday night from 8:30 to Midnight. The room we have is downtown and just beautiful. We checked it out last night and it's on the 2nd floor in the heart of downtown with 20 foot ceilings and pillars and fancy lights. It's gorgeous! Any and all are invited to the prom. We're inviting everyone we know and telling them to bring people; we've got plenty of room.

Four of us went dress shopping at Ross on Monday night; I think I found the dress. The hunt will continue until the actual day though. Prom talk is all that happens at the house--what a season finale for Season One!

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