Friday, July 27, 2007

TGI the 5th of 12 working days

It seems I only ever make lists on Fridays. So why stop now...?

  • I'm going through Harry withdrawls.
  • This has been an insane birthday week... 4 and counting!
  • Did the internet shut off in certain parts of the country? Blogging has been slow, commenting has been slow, F-booking has been slow, emailing has been slow.
  • I saw "Live Free or Die Hard" on Monday night. It was surprisingly very enjoyable--rather humorous. I love Bruce's sidekick; he started on Ed and I find him strangly, nerdy-hacker attractive. I just earned a few more cyber geek points.
  • In other nerd news, earlier this week, Julie, Mary and I made an uber nerd joke about plain text quotes, smart quotes, and air quotes. Talk about geeking out. It might be one of my favorite memories of the week.
  • P.S. When did I get to be such a techie? I'm considered a web developer at work--you know people go to school for the stuff I do. I'm trained to be sitting somewhere writing press releases. Proof that your after-school experience is what you make it.
  • I'm working both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Twelve straight working days when it's all said and done... The phrase TGIF has little to no bearing if Friday isn't the end of the work week, right?
  • Bad table manners is one of my biggest pet peeves.
  • I had a total DIY moment last night when I got under our bathroom sink, unscrewed all the pipes, mucked out the standing water and treated the sink. It smelled like a swamp and with the temperature in the 90's and humidity at 160%, it felt like a swamp.
  • My DVR has been recording House episodes I missed early in the season. I am in love with Hugh Laurie. He deserves his Emmy nom this year.
  • Yes, my copy of FNL is pre-ordered on Amazon for $19.99.
  • I'd like to go somewhere for Labor Day, anyone have any suggestions?
  • Eating out one-on-one with a good friend is one of the greatest joys in life.
  • I did something I've never done before this week.
  • Sometimes there are cute boys on the T. I can enjoy that.
  • Every morning I get to work, go to the cafeteria and buy a Diet Coke and a cinnamon-spice muffin. I'm developing a little chatty relationship with the cashier guy.
  • A year ago today, I went on a blind date with a quasi-celebrity looking baby.
  • If I had my choice to do ANYTHING this weekend; I'd fly home to Portland in a heartbeat.

Happy Friday all. May your weekend be merry and bright. Does anyone have a random one-liner from their week/life they'd like to contribute to this week's brain dump?


Battlestar Luna said...

Re: "Did the internet shut off in certain parts of the country?"


Lainey said...

I never even heard about that date! Where was I? Probably not a blog reader yet.

Um... one-liner... none for you. But I've got a brain dump of my own for you to check out :)

Happy Blogging!

stephanielynn said...

For Labor Day you should come to Vegas with us and see J. Timberlake. I know you're already seeing him, but it will be better in Vegas!

kendall said...

I had not heard about that Baby date until this morning! I understand your pain natalie, for I, too, am going through Harry Potter withdrawls.

Ryan + Erica said...

I just read your baby date blog. It made me laugh. Thanks, Nat!

Nat Attack said...

Friends, I guess it just goes to show you that you've missed jewels of wisdom. Perhaps you should read the archives. Teehee.

I wonder if Jaymz/Jordan ever figured out what he wanted to major in.

Rachel said...

I remember the baby date! I think I've been reading your blog for at least a year now. Woo!

No weekend for you? You're working hard!

Anonymous said...

If you were in Portland this weekend you'd be helping me debone a 22lb. turkey for the reunion...

Anonymous said...

If you were in Portland this weekend you'd be replacing Kino as my walking bud for the final 3 day countdown to me NOT walking for awhile...

Anonymous said...

Note the time diff. between comments? Kendall just dumped all the drippings from the turkey down the gravy for 22lbs. of turkey, sigh..........

Sarah said...

I remember reading about the baby date... was it seriously that long ago???

And about the internet shut off... I would have to say that the reason for some would be Harry Potter. That's my reason anyway!

Anonymous said...

If you were in Portland over Labor Day, you'd be camping at the beach in our new tent, new sleep bags, on the Pacific Ocean. We even have reservations. sans Kendall.
Why don't you come?

MishMyBelle said...

12 consecutive days of work sounds awful...I hope you survive! I enjoyed your list. What did you do for the first time this week?!

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