Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Winner!

Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!!!

The polls have officially closed as Stephanie is the winner of this oh so very fun game from my previous post. Thanks to all those who played, your guesses were entertainingly fun, albeit incorrect. (Yes I have to color my eyebrows to match my hair, Yes I wear yellow, Yes I wear earrings, Yes I wear green eye shadow, Yes I smiled "normally", Yes I dig my stumpy arm as well...)

The correct answer to "what's different about Nat in this photo?" is that Yes, my hair was parted on the other side. I just realized how lame this is all sounding. Could I really be THIS bored? Thinking... thinking.... YES.

As a baby spot of proof before I get to payment, below is a screenshot of my profile pictures on Facebook. Note that all photos circled in red have my bangs/hair swooped to the right. Photo circled in yellow is to the left. She's tricky...

I know I shouldn't have a post (or two) dedicated solely to my hair part, but it's too late now. (Yes, I feel the shame and pity you're feeling for me.) Nevertheless, now you all can see me as I've been seeing my part in the mirror for the past 20 years.

I promised $5 cash money and a poem to the winner. I've been trying to mail out Steph's birthday present for two months now (good thing it's not til September so I've got some time)--I'll include your five big ones in there too, mkay? And without further adieu, a really crappy poem:

S is the simple way you make me laugh (don't worry; it's not going to be one of those poems, just the start)
T is the time you showed me your favorite dance moves from the creepy Lil Superstar video
E is the empathy you gave when I blew up the D-Mark bathroom
P is the pretty, pretty boyfriend Neil on our most favorite dance show
H is the habit we've formed of loving/not loving the same things. Food, Entertainment, People.
A is the ample time we've spent on the phone discussing love, life, and the American Dream
N is the necessary daily discussion before and after our shows
I is the idiocy I feel that I can't think of anything that starts with I
E is the end of this poem; why couldn't you have had a shorter name like "Ed"?


stephanielynn said...

I feel so honored...or slightly embarrassed that I check your blog enough to have guessed twice.

The poem was brilliant and how weird would it be if my name was Ed?

Lainey said...

Oh fun. Happy Thursday. You made me laugh. And I didn't even SEE the post before this to get to vote, you are sporadic in your blogging! Days without blogs so I quit checking... and then boom!

Well, I guess I'm the same way which is probably why I'm complaining about it.

Rachel said...

Haha, "i just realized how lame this is all sounding". I think its funny! I didn't really think it was that lame until you started saying it was. Then it was just plain funny!

Sadly I read the blog late so I didn't have a chance to guess, but i think i probably wouldn't have been able to notice. I like interactive blogs!

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