Friday, April 28, 2006

Love them or hate them

The Pitt/Jolie's have assembled/created themselves the most genetically gifted family in the world.

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Taking the higher road

"I was at a crossroads. It was apparent I could cry if I wanted to, or I could handle this and all other challenges with faith and a positive attitude. My happiness and eternal well-being were dependent upon my choice. The decision was simple. I chose to be positive, creative, very active, and to do everything possible to fulfill my destiny as a son of God, sent to grow from an earthly experience. Once made, this choice was firm and I never looked back." -Elder John B. Dickson

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mitt in 2008

It'll be interesting to see how this all pans out...

Wouldn't it be wild if we had a Mormon president? It's a very strange thought.

Butts and Guts... a class offered at the gym closer to my work than my home. I swallowed my fear of attending gym classes (let alone by myself!) and went.

As soon as everyone was let through the classroom door, the hunting and gathering began. To be a successful participant in class you needed to assemble the following work-out equipment:

  • a mat
  • a stepping block
  • two free weights
  • a medicine ball
  • a bar
  • weights to put on the bar
  • weight clips for the weights on the bar
  • a giant workout ball
  • a resistance band

I think that's it. It was crazy! But the nice part about all the wacky equipment was it gave us a lot of different exercises to do--so nothing was too long or too strenuous.

The good news is that I could do all but one of the 58 different exercises we did. I could not get my act in order to do this one particular ab lift. Maybe you should try it. Lay down on your side with one forearm pressed to the ground. Pull your legs barely in front of you so you're making a slight V. Then lift your legs high in the air to meet your other outstretched arm pointing at the ceiling. Ha. I could not make my body move that way. It was pretty humorous actually. Even the rather large lady in front of me could get her legs off the ground. Mine just wouldn't move! I couldn't figure out the rhythm. Hahahah.

Moral of the story--the class wasn't that hard and I'd do it again. Even with as much (good) pain I'm in today. I'd like to do it twice a week; it's on Tuesday and Thursday. But I can't commit to Tuesdays--American Idol needs to hurry up and end. It's the only show I stop my life for. More on that later I'm sure.

P.S. Doing 40 minutes on the bike is not a good idea before this hour long class.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The day for which you've been waiting!

That's right friends, family, and random strangers fulfilling their voyeuristic needs. I'm starting a blog. Blogs are fun! The 21st century's answer to boredom or those seeking a creative outlet.

For some creative types, a blank canvas.
For some athletic types, the gym.
For some workaholics, work.
For some cooking-inclined, the kitchen.

For those of us who hardly fit into any of the above mentioned categories, we find comfort and joy in words posted in an anonymous, faceless, nameless world. A world with endless possibilities for snarky comments, social commentaries, and general gripes about life.

Let the fun begin!

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