Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Important Life Choices

If a gallon of milk costs $3.99, and a 12-pack of Diet Pepsi costs $2.50, I'm totally justified in burning out my stomach lining to save a few dollars, right? And I can't help it if I love the DiP astronomically more than I do milk.

And to prove this point, let me tell you what I'm having for breakfast. Dry Frosted Mini-Wheats and a Diet Pepsi. Heaven...

And Mom, in case you're reading... I did buy the $4 gallon of milk. I just supplemented it with six 12-packs of DiP and two 12-packs of caffeine-free DiP for the late night cravings. AND I bought a bottle of cherry syrup.

I love my life.

It's like my great-grandma Zella used to say: "Better a small glass of Diet Coke than a harsh word to a loved one."


Okay, I HAVE to post this. I promise, it's worth seeing. Marie and Preston showed it to me last night, and I'm totally going to steal their thunder and post it.

Once the video loads, skip ahead to at least 1:30 when the bride shows up. Hang around until 3:55 and that's when the drama starts to heat up...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

To Do List Dashed

Hi friends. Welcome to my new blog template. The jury's still out on it (and Science as well according to GOB), but I can't share a template as a roommate, can I?

Day 12 in Boston shares many, many similarities with Days 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10.

All the lofty aspirations I had for today have vaporized. It's now 3:38 and I'm still in my pajamas, unshowered, laundry not done, no new bank, no library card, parking ticket still unpaid... but I did manage to drink three Diet Pepsis, finish off the rest of the mint-chocolate-chip cookies and the Hot Tamales, and resist the urge to get back into bed to nap it out. I've applied for more jobs, set up several more interviews, and caught up on my long overdue blog and MySpace commenting. Good for me.

AND.... drum roll please.... my bed is made. My internal rationale says that if your bed is made, all is okay in your life. I agree!

And for the strangers who are starting to believe I really am a lazy sloth of an individual, please be informed that I deserve this. I've been working at break-neck speed since I was 16. My mom even gave me permission yesterday to take a few days off, curl up in bed with some books, and start to play the game of "How Cheap Can I Live?" When I get that go-ahead from Mom, I know I'm okay.

Maybe tomorrow I'll venture outside the house. Anyone want to bet on if it really happens?

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Laundry List

Today, I almost broke the donut fast. Twice. And seriously, I was going to do it.

Boston, Day 11:

I had another round (5 people) of interviews for another job at Monster. I'm beginning to think I'm destined to be at Monster no matter what. I'm also sad because the job I really wanted got back to me and informed me they were only willing to pay less than I was making at the D-Mark... which won't pay the astronomical increase in rent and cost of living a bicoastal move entails. Dream dashed.

No worries! I've been living on Diet Pepsi and that makes my life happy. It's been in the low-20's the last week in Boston and my drinks sit on the sun porch.

Sun porch is warmer > outside but colder > fridge. Drinks are icy cold and delicious.

I shook my fist at the parking officials of the great commonwealth of MA. Not only did we have to pay $17 to park for our 1.5 at Chili's on Friday night (it cost as much as our meal!), but I forgot to pull my car into the driveway last night and was rewarded for my idiocy with another $15 parking ticket. I'm gonna figure this place out eventually...

And while we're on the topic of driving and the law... I got pulled over on Saturday night. Which is a scary, scary thing when you have Utah plates, an Arizona license, and are driving in Mass. Copper was wearing a furry Russian hat and a ginormous blue class ring. I got off with a verbal warning; a plus since I didn't have my proof of insurance in the car.

The M's came to visit this weekend. We did what we do best; eat, shop, lay around, watch movies. It was awesome. We ate at all the finest eateries in Boston... Chili's, The Cheesecake Factory, and the Texas Roadhouse. Mmmmm.

Oh wait. Do NOT, let me repeat, DO NOT see the movie "Catch and Release" starring Jennifer Garner. It is an awful, awful, awful movie and you'll not only wish you had your $9 back but pine for the two hours you wasted in a movie one-half step above "Failure to Launch." And if you actually enjoyed FTL, I don't want to hear about it, because our friendship might actually be in question.

Is this the lamest post in the history of posting? I'm kind of thinking yes. I'm sorry; I haven't posted in so long I'm feeling the need to catch everyone up. Not that I have much catching up to do...

I rented a movie from Blockbuster tonight. $4.29. Can you believe that!? What a rip. Good thing I found a Redbox at the grocery store as I was running to pick up some Hot Tamales. Life is shaping up pretty well if I do say so myself...

On the docket for tomorrow is finding a Bank of America to open an account (there are NO Wells Fargos in the area! Boo.), pay my lovely parking ticket, get a library card, get some books, read, hang out, make some more cookies (made some mint-chocolate-chip ones tonight) and try not to drink so much Diet Pepsi tomorrow. Or nap so much. But ohhhhhh... what's the point. I have no job and I should live it up. Bring on the Diet Pepsi and the naps!!!

And bring me a donut while you're at it.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


We were trying to make it look like the funnest party in the world. Did we succeed?
Six of the eight people in this blog (seven of nine if we're counting the photographer) are bloggers. I think I'll fit in here.

It's only unfortunate that we didn't have photos during the walk-off, the hip-hop dance-off, the interpretive dance-off, the most awkward confession-off or any other number of offs we may have done.

I guess Thursday is as good a day as any for a party. Happy Weekend everyone.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Last night I went to bed at midnight.
I woke up at 2PM the next afternoon.
Spent two hours looking for a job.
Back to bed at 4PM.
Woke up at 9PM, made a sandwich, and here I sit.

Think I'll sleep tonight?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Laytest Addiction

I've decided as of late I have a quasi-addictive personality. Therefore, this website is not such a great discovery through a friend.

I'm hooked on SpeedType. Got to Level 7 on my first try... can't get past there. Can anyone beat 7? (I'm sure you can, I just want to hear it.)

Monday, January 22, 2007

La Officina

Did you know you can view entire episodes of The Office for free online at I didn't either until my sister clued me in.

Oh man. I just watched last week's episode and couldn't believe they found someone more annoying than Michael. Is Andy freakin' nuts or what? And how much are you back in love with the Jim and Pam business?

Honestly, three seasons now. How can they not get together? But on the other hand, how can they? The biggest draw of the show would be realized... and in some ways that would be a sad day. I don't think I can stand to see Jim and Pam break up... so maybe apart is best?

Either way, I'm stoked about this website and I'm stoked for this Thursday's episode.

Hi, My Name is McDroopy

If I were a doctor on that hit show Grey's Anatomy, I'd be "Dr. McDroopy."

I'm twenty-four years old. If my eyelids continue to relax at this rate, I'm not going to be able to see by the time I'm 31.

McDreamy, McSteamy, and McDroopy. It's got a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Who would you be?

Nurse Pants

You know how people sometimes call shoes that have velcro straps on them "nurse shoes," right?

Let me tell you a story.

So awhile back, I found the cutest wide-leg, dark-wash, long-enough-even-for-me Seven jeans at the Junk STore in Salt Lake. These jeans were beautiful, fit like a dream, and were only $30. Sign me up.

I tried them on in the back room and discovered they didn't have a zipper. Curses. Now I knew why they were discounted so. Nevertheless, my mother is a quasi-expert seamstress. (Stress on the "quasi" part of the seaming.) I knew she could fix them right up for me.

At Christmas time I took them home to Portland for her to repair. (And when I say took them home, I mean wore them home zipperless and all in an effort to conserve space.) Long story short, she couldn't put a zipper in them. Apparently sewing zippers is one of the hardest parts of construction and I didn't care to make her work that hard.

"Why not put a piece of velcro in them?," I asked.
"If you're sure that's what you want," Mom replied.
"Rock 'n roll," I say.

Loooong story long, my most favorite pair of pants in the world (the ones you've probably seen me wear or our probably seeing me wear) have a velcro fastener. Annoying at first, I have warmed to the quick lickity-split open/close and am starting to prefer the velcro to my zippered pants.

STep 1: Undo button
Step 2: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiip

See how easy it is? I'm starting a new trend you know. Haven't you heard? Velcro is the new zipper.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Home Sweet Home Computer

Howdy all.

Wow. I haven't blogged from my home PC since October at least. That whole "we were siphoning internet from our creeper neighbor and then he moved in October and took his internet with him" really created a strain on the whole "blogging from the comfort of my home" thing. I've remedied the situation however. One 2400 mile move and I'm back in business.

My parents just left and I'm officially "alone" in Boston for the first time. It's kind of surreal--like I'm just sitting, waiting for the rest of my life to start, you know? Or maybe you don't. All I know is I have a pretty sweet set-up here in my room. I'll post some before and after photos as soon as I actually get my crap unpacked. Deal? Deal.

I'm sorry I've been remiss in commenting on blogs the last two weeks--I've been crazy stressed. Here's to the hope life slows down soon enough for me to sleep in one day and exciting enough to be entertaining!

Come to Boston and I'll take you to the best seafood you've ever had. We went there every day my parents were here. Caswells in Weymouth. To die for.

Friday, January 19, 2007

welcome to man's world

FACT: Home Depot has a lot of very sexy men wandering around.

Too bad I'm with my parents so I probably look 15.

But I AM wearing different clothes for the first time in six days.

Through wind or snow, rain or hail

Day five of the drive:

We made it. Hallelujah we made it. We should have died about nine times on the trip. NEVER DRIVE CROSS COUNTRY IN JANUARY -- you'll probably die.

Today was full to the miz-ax. We woke up and pizza at my favorite place by Columbia at 10am. Then, Mom and I hit Canal Street and bought way more crap than my car had room for. Retrieved my car from overnight parking in Times Square--I figure no one stole anything because the car looked like utter white trash. It was the only car in the City covered from bumper to bumper with salt and from window to window with crap. (Crap I call my life, but crap nonetheless.)

We finished the drive from NYC to Boston in 5.5 hours, but we spent 1.5 of it in a grocery store in Rhode Island. Once again, filling my car with more neccesary crap. It started to rain and I started to mini-freak out. When you've been on the road five days in the heart of winter, you learn to HATE ANY kind of precipitation as it makes driving conditions unbarable. (TANGENT: I'm sure all my copywriter friends have noticed my spelling is crap. I'm not sure why I've given up on spellchecker on Blogger but apparently I have. Apologies around.) So we get to my house and hurry hurry hurry to unpack because we have to try to make it to IKEA before they close. More driving in the dark in the pouring rain.

People, I'm getting close to a nervous breakdown from driving in inclement weather. Spinning off the road and waiting to smash into something will do that to you I guess.

So we get into IKEA with an hour left in hopes of finding some furniture and a way to pull my room together. (Those of you who know my Mom know she'll throw something fabulous together without even trying.) Only problem is, you can NOT hurry through an IKEA. It's impossible. AND we both had to go to the bathroom. DRAMA. The drama ensued when we couldn't find any of the things we needed, we had to RUN back through the store to have some fabric cut before closing, and the tall bookshelf, wardrobe pieces I bought wouldn't fit into my car. Holy 10 at night drama.

Still have to go to the bathroom. Bad.

Never fear, my dad flew in tonight and had been waiting for us back at my house. He drove all the way out to IKEA (30 miles away) and took one of the long pieces in his car so we were all set. My mom had to drive with him because the driver's side of my car was jammed to the dash to accommodate those freaking long pieces that caused all this drama. Well I'm freaking out because it's POURING RAIN, and I'm so SICK of weather and driving in it (I drove probably 2000 of the 2400 miles). My parents are going to follow me back to the house.

To exits away from IKEA my windshield blade starts to creep its way off the wiper. Holy drama. If I keep wiping my windshield, I'll lose my blade and not be able to see at ALL (it's now 11:30 at night too). Blah blah blah, I turn my blinker on to get off at the next exit -- and it's at that EXACT moment my dad decides to cut around me and get in the next lane. See ya later Dad, I'm getting off in crapper Randolph, MA to fix my damn windshield blade. This is all made worse by the fact that I FORGOT MY PHONE.

Have I mentioned the drama in my life yet?

You guys! My life has been girls-gone-not-quite-wild-enough CRAZY since I started this whole Boston experience. Do you think I'm making the wrong choice and I can only be warned in so many subtle ways?

And I apologize for giving a journal entry the last five days, I'll try to weed that out soon.

And I abstained from having donuts, even the morning of my great-aunt's funeral. They were even from Albertson's.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

D+ Celebrities

Day four of the drive:

Made it to New York City and am having a mini reunion with Melissa, Michele, Jamar and my Mom. I'll skip all the details because I have to show you this picture... it's CT and Evan from that hit MTV show "The Duel." We walked past them and Mel noticed CT; I noticed Evan. We walked by and walked past and then walked back and asked if we could take a picture. It was a very funny experience. Mostly because Evan seemed really excited and CT was incredibly awkward (Diem was still in the Starbucks).

The BEST laugh came afterward when we realized those boys probably thought we were 15. We had my mom with us who held my backpack (that held our overnight stuff in it) while we had our picture taken. It was AWESOME. Mel put it best when she commented that our generation is so funny--our generation (or some of us) can pick out D-rate celebrities wearing hats, coats, and scarves in a city of 8 million people in winter at night and we can still call them by name--and APPROACH them because we know their life. Their life IS MTV right? And I know my MTV.

Here are a few more D+ celebrities for your voyueristic pleasure:

BOSTON tomorrow! It's about freaking time...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Day three of the drive:

I'm tired tonight. Not so much of driving, but of cheating death. Did you hear me? I'm tired of cheating death. I have nothing nice to say about Ohio, it gave us our worst weather yet.

I am an absolute moron to be driving cross country in January. Who DOES that? Of course the only snow in the East is in Pennsylvania tomorrow, the one state we have to cross. Sigh. But I have GOOD news! We found a Texas Roadhouse out here in O-crapp-o so had a lovely dinner.

Glad we could be here, at the ski resort for the first snow of the year.

If my third chance at cheating death tomorrow is unsuccessful, I want every one to know I have lived a happy life, I love you all and I will take my relationships with me into the next life.

Now that I am sufficiently creeped out, I'm going to bed. New York City tomorrow!

Monday, January 15, 2007

the wheels on the bus

Day two of the drive:

Did you KNOW you can drive to Illinois in two short days? Who knew. Did you know Minnesota is right above Iowa? Me either.

In driving, we counted forty-two cars spun off the road. Scarier to think of our experience seeing what it could have been in the light of day.

This moron left her cell phone in the hotel in freaking Nebraska and we had to drive back to get it. 2300 miles isn't far enough to drive right?

My faith in weather people is lessened again. The Weather Channel and USA Today said there'd be snow all the way across Iowa. False. No snow. Maybe tomorrow.

Chicago style pizza in a hotel just outside of Chicago tonight. GOLDEN GLOBES!!! Oh man oh man oh man. I love awards shows. My favorite two parts of the night;

1.On the E! Channel preshow:
Correspondant No.1:"Angelina Jolie's dress was just beautiful. But why did she look so upset?"
Correspondant No.2:"I'm pretty sure she's mad she's not in some third-world country saving it. This has got to all be a little much for her.

And she DID look cranky.

2. Jamie Foxx (whom I hate) was introducing Dreamgirls for best comedy/musical, "Dreamgirls table represent. Jigga. Yall lookin good. Real good. Will I see you. Jada, lookin good."

I can only imagine Will (Smith) felt any "white" credibility he's been building in Hollywood start slipping as Jamie decided to ghetto-size the Globes.

Hope everyone enjoys the work/school day tomorrow (Tuesday). I'm unemployed still.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Omaha, somewhere in middle America

Day one of the drive--

A wintry near-death driving experience is a right of passage isn't it? Hello North Platte, Nebraska. Your roads were deceptively icy, it was dark, and I don't know how to correct once I start sliding. Hello double spin out. I'm glad the roads were completely iced or there's no doubt we would have flipped. Strangers in Nebraska are nice though; my car is out of the snowy median without calling anyone and i'm now safely tucked into the closest hotel to the crash site trying to unwind and sleep. Hard to do so when my mom is snoring like a Mac truck on the next bed over.

Other then the high end drama, the first day was rather uneventful. Crappy roads the first two hours in WY, but I guess that's what you get for driving cross country in the middle of winter.

Happy MLK day yall. Be glad you don't have to spend it somewhere between Omaha and Cleveland. Not exactly what I call civil.

Friday, January 12, 2007

In Stoneybrook, CT born and raised

Any one who has read my blog more than half a time realizes I think and make connections in very strange ways. This blog won't be new to you. If this is your first foray into my self-centered world, welcome, and don't be too alarmed.

Last night I was going to get my hair cut. Like cut-cut. My hairdresser (as always) talked me out of if with a showering of compliments that left me saturated with indecision. So instead of a new Natalie, I got a half-inch trim and a bangs cut.

So there I was this morning, getting ready for work. I looked up from brushing my teeth and realized I was a mirrored-reflection of what I always imagined Dawn Schafer from The Babysitter's Club to look like. The long, blonde 13-year-old hair, the bangs... it kind of freaked me out.

Upon deeper reflection, I realized I share several similar traits to the other BSC members. In no particular order, here are the similarities:

My outfit today is very Mary Anne. I don't think any of the other sitters would have worn a sweater vest.
Stacey is a mad shopper, I am a madder shopper.
Claudia is a not so very good speller... I have isseus. "Claudia was also a junk food fiend," Natalie types as she scarfs the king-size bag of Skittles her co-worker David gave in go-away giftatute.

I struggled with the Kristy Thomas comparison until my bag fell off the top shelf in the bathroom and some of my makeup fell into the toilet. I swore like only tomboy Kristy probably could have. Additionally, upon Wikipedia inspection, I found this quote. "Kristy is known for her great well as her bossiness and a big mouth that can occasionally get her in trouble." Check, check, check.

Who knew Ann M. Martin would have such a lasting impression on me?


In quasi-related news, I made my first edits to Wikipedia. A shining moment and one I shall have to write in my journal. Who knew I knew so much about the Babysitter's Club? It's been 15 years since I read any of the books but I remember certain plot points or strange details that I should have forgotten by now. I felt it my duty however to edit some of the content on the Wiki entry. I can't help if I saw Dawn's middle name spelled wrong or knew that future dreamboat Ryan Gosling was also in the BSC movie. It's my job to pass this useless information on!


In related annoying news, this is the second time I wrote this entry. Blogger ate my first after it was fully written, edited, and not-quite-published. Sometimes I hate the world wide web.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Telegram

It's snow-snow-snowing and it won't won't stop.
Today was my "last day lunch" since an Interactive department lunch-time meeting trumps the lunch we had planned for tomorrow.
Stephanie and I decided today that we basically work with Javier from Felicity. Hilarious.
I witnessed quite literally a drug-deal in the tunnel of the airport yesterday trying to board my plane. Where's an air marshall when you need one?
The snow is throwing off this weekend's driving plans. Bust.
Yesterday's interview was conducted with the founder as we walked his dog. Every interview has a curveball.
Tonight after work is full of very important "last night in Salt Lake" tasks. Oil change, tire rotation, hair/bangs cut, dinner at the Texas, packing of the moto, etc.
I'm tired and wish I could lay down and recuperate from my whirlwind trip this weekend.

Any one-liner updates anyone cares to share?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Avril's Will Power

Today, Avril Lavigne was my guardian angel.

If you haven't been to New England, you don't know that Dunkin Donuts are to New England as Starbucks is to Seattle... and the entire world. There are MORE Dunkin Donuts in the state of Mass than you can possibly imagine. Drive-through stops. Easy in, easy out. Not exactly the greatest place for a person with a self-proclaimed donut/doughnut (or donit as I say it) problem.

However, anyone who listens to Top 40 radio (my iPod's battery was dead) knows where this post is going.

As I was losing my will power of passing Dunkin Donuts after Dunkin Donuts (the orange and pink signs are cute enough on their own to warrent pulling over) and my eyes were glazing over with the anticipation of actually entertaining the thought of partaking of the forbidden fruit, the strains of once-punk Avril filter through the crap Hyundai Accent's speakers.

"Keep holding on/You'll make it through, you'll make it through
Just hold strong/You know I'm here for you, I'm here for you."

It was as though Avril were expressly reaching out to me in my time of need. By very words alone she convinced me not to throw away the now 26-day doughnut fast. The last time she did this, she convinced me wearing a tie with my sk8er shoes is totally like-okay. Avril and I have aged well together.

Needless to say, the donut fast continues. I'm wrapping up this post so I can try to figure out a way to get Avril a Thank You card.

Luck is running out ... but hope is not lost

Remember when our subway in NYC broke down while we were on it? Today, on my way home from an interview in downtown Boston, my bus broke down twice. I'm not having the greatest luck on this trip 'o mine. Despite the bus breakage and erroroneously getting off one stop too early (happened on the T earlier too... can I not READ signs? This was after I bought the wrong tickets and had to throw them away and purchase new ones) and walking home in my still too small interview shoes, I survived the day.

After I got completely lost driving to the EXACT SAME PLACE I interviewed at yesterday. Hello late to an interview. Tack to the max. Luckily (am I still allowed to host that word in my vocabulary?) I called in 15 minutes before I was late in advance warning, found the right road, controlled my inner rage at being stuck behind a grandma driving 35 mph on a two-lane, double-yellow lined road, and arrived 90 seconds late.

Enough of this negative energy, that's all the poor that happened to me today. HEre's the GOOD!:
+ 2 Diet PEpsis for breakfast, 2 for lunch
+ A good update on the phone with the Jamster.
+ I found a beautiful bookcase at Target on clearance for $20
+ I found the most beautiful pair of brown pinstriped pants at the Gap for $6.97
+ I found the most beautiful pair of brown cuffed dress pants at the Gap for $6.97
+ I took Lindsay's advice and listened to my iPod at Target and the Mall. Holy change your shopping experience wonderful idea! I'll recommend it as well.
+ I had a really great chat with Kylee about moving to Boston and what to expect. It's awesome getting to talk to someone who's done it and never looked back. Faith over fear, right?
+ Alicia is picking me up at the airport tomorrow night. Excitement! I was bummed I might not get to see her before I leave the SLC for good.
+ I am SUPER psyched for my interview tomorrow--it's the one I've been looking forward to the most. Having described to 16 (no joke) different people in the last two days what it is I do, I feel like I'm sufficiently practiced for this oh-so-important interview.
+ And HOW could I almost forget that the Goo-Gone worked wonders on my almost-impounded car!?! I am sticker free and evading the law yet again.

So dreary as this trip might sound on paper (or screen), I'm having a fun time and a lot of good is coming out of it. Hopefully one of the six pities my unemployment and hooks an Interactive Project Manager up! Either way, all hope is not lost, I'm coming whether they want me or not!

Monday, January 08, 2007

By the Numbers... Part Deux

Hola hola hola. I've been in B-town 24 hours and it has been the longest longest longest 24 hours in the history of the galaxal universe. Not neccesarily bad, but eventful beyond belief. Let me fill you in:

55 mile drive from Providence, Rhode Island to Boston
3 breadsticks eaten in the car left over from the Phoenix airport Pizza Hut
6 pieces of luggage loaded into the crap Hyundai Accent Rental
$15 ticket for first parking ticket for parking overnight on the street
10:30 p.m. got ready and into bed
3 piece suit worn to interviews
4 interviews at interview A
2 pages of MapQuest directions to get to interview B
3.5 hours to burn out and about the Metro West Boston area before interview C
100% despair at being told that this specific Chilis restaurant does NOT carry Chicken Enchilada Soup. Nazis!
85% enjoyment eating the New England Clam Chowder from a Chilis. (15% withheld because it was Chili's for Pete's sake.)
40 minute commute (15 miles from home) if interview C (or tomorrow's D) works out.
$719.10 for the queen bed I had to finance. A bed. And I financed it. I've never felt so old in my entire life.
"Table for one!" the waitress at Applebee's screamed out to anyone listening--which was everyone, because who doesn't turn their head when someone screams, "Table for one! Loser coming through!" I loved it.
3 Diet Cherry Cokes downed before the true downer of the night.
1 GIANT ORANGE VIOLATION sticker plastered across the back left window of the crap Hyundai Accent Rental.
2 more minutes in the reserved parking section next to Applebee's and my car would have been towed and impounded. Said sticker still remains.
98% of said sticker still stuck on said window. Any suggestions on how to remove it?
To dull the sting of said near impounding/towing/sticker-sticking, $13.47 spent on:
1/2 pint mint chocolate chip ice cream
2 giant bags of Skittles
10 mini Mounds bars
75% off Christmas-colored-foil Kisses
24 Diet Pepsis

Well I guess that's it. Like I said, an eventful, totally self-involved blogging day. Thanks for tuning in. Another adventure tomorrow.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

And All That Jazz!

I love party-planing. I love party-planning even more when the event is a success. As Prom was a smashing success in July, our winter Jazz party was a hit as well. This time the atmosphere was a little swankier, a little smaller, and a little classier.

Somehow the entire Holla House ended up attending the event in black, which allowed for some fun pictures. We had quite the food spread with shrimp, chocolate fondue, cheeseball, veggie tray, pinneapple slush, and a host of other good treats.

As Prom had an unbelievable location, so did our Jazz party. Heber's design firm keeps a loft near the Gateway with hardwood floors, exposed brick, and the perfect space for a mix and mingle downstairs and a dance floor upstairs. The first half of the evening was jazz music, the later more current. Both genres were a good time.

Events like these are a good chance for old friends to catch up. Here's the Provo crew.

Well, I'm in Boston now trying to unpack into a room with no furniture and no hangers. Three interviews and buying a bed are tomorrow's agenda. Sorry for the short post, but I wanted to try to stay current... Happy Weekend End!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Flashback 2002

I forget how much I love Amy Poehler. And maybe I'll start a letter writing campaign to bring Chris Katan back to life. Maya Rudolph is fantastic as well. Oh boy.

Britney and Justin... those were the good days, weren't they?

MSN Screenshot of the Day

I must be in the wrong line of business.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In Mourning

It's a tad alarming when you miss three days of blogging in a row and friends, coworkers, and random strangers believe you to be victim to some horrible tragedy. We'll call this tragedy "Mourning of the Vacation."

Today is my first day back in the office after nearly two weeks out. (Working from home and burning my vacation time since I'm leaving in a few short days.) I spent the majority of my time at my parents' in Portland in my pajamas. Like literally, the whole time. I think I put real pants on 5 times I was there. My family was a little shocked at my lack of showering. I just didn't care--that's what vacation is for. It was totally awesome.

I'm back. No more full weeks of work for yo. Three more days this week, three days off for another whirlwind trip to Boston for five+ interviews, two days more of work. ::Enter cross-country road trip with Mom here.::

My daily life is filled with cramming all my crap (and if you don't live with me, believe me, it's a lot) into the few boxes I'll check with me to Boston next week or what will reasonably fit in the rest of my car's rapidly filling backseat.

But I couldn't be happier. I'm wrapping up loose ends on a great Salt Lake experience, but am anxiously anticipating the unknown. This next month is going to be a wild ride--so strap yourselves in, and I'll try not to lose anyone along the way.

Definitely, maybe, probaby related posts:

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