Wednesday, July 18, 2007

TGIF Night Lights

Why? Why? WHY are you still not watching Friday Night Lights? Really people. I have begged. I have pleaded. I have appealed to your baser sense and promised you the hottest cast on television. Yet you still hold back.

Just look at all the positive reviews the nation's harshest critics have given the show. Think about how many times I, your beloved friend, sister, cousin, and stranger, have referenced the show, or implored you to watch.

The characters on this show are real and lovable. Invite them into your home, you won't be sorry! And, to boot! you can watch all of last season's episodes online. Start with the pilot. At least give me 42 minutes worth of devotion. If you aren't hooked by then, fine. At least you gave it a shot.

For those of you who are watchers, a list of spoilers for Season II have been posted to one of my everyday reads. If you want to be surprised, skip this list.

  1. One of the show's big couples calls it quits.
  2. Someone dies.
  3. Someone commits murder.
  4. The Panthers have a new coach.
  5. Someone finds Jesus.
  6. Matt's grandma gets a live-in nurse. (She's rumored to be in her 20's!!!)
  7. Remember the name Gracie.
  8. Tami makes a new friend.
  9. There's a gratuitous locker-room shower scene within the first two episodes.
  10. It ain't over between Tim and Lyla.

The Emmy nominations are announced tomorrow. I don't want to get my hopes up for any nods; it's rare that critically acclaimed, but vastly underrated freshman shows get credit when it's due, but I'll hold my breath for Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, and Zach Gilford, who most definitely deserve nominations--and the whole show for Dramatic series. Expect jubilation and glee tomorrow if any are announced.

And if you love me, please please please watch this show so our relationship can have another point of connection.

If you haven't been watching, please feel free to explain your petty excuses to me in the comments. For those who do watch (Kendall, Mallory, Mom, Michele, Mel, Juan) please feel free to add your persuasive comments.

Go Panthers!


Battlestar Luna said...

if Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton don't get nominated it will be a CRIME. Enough with nominating Dr. House We Know He's Good already.

Lainey said...

I watched about 37 minutes of the Pilot and found it terribly boring and toooooo football-based (duh I guess.) It was wasting my time.

But, I will admit that I'll likely watch it someday and probably praise you for recommending it; maybe I'll save it up for when I have my next baby. Thirty-something-straight episodes of Veronica Mars kept me company when the rest of the rational world was sleeping. (At least when King of Queens wasn't on ;)

Nat Attack said...

Ahhhh! Don't trust someone who likes the King of Queens to sway you away from FNL... ;)

Ju said...

it's difficult to watch when one doesn't have tv. can i come over?

Nat Attack said...

YES! I'm going to buy the DVD's... so we can have a marathon.

spoonfulL said...

i must admit, i do love great television... here's hoping FNL lives up to the hype...

count me in for the marathon! (i am also tv-less and greatly appreciate any and all opportunities to partake of others' tellies.)

Ryan + Erica said...

Available online? Does that mean iTunes, or do you watch them somewhere else? Maybe I'll download the pilot off iTunes.

I too am TV-less, and if I were on your side of the country, I'd totally be there at your marathon! (By the way, thanks for the email about cheap fares, Nat!)

Mooney said...

Gave it 2nd a shot sweetie. Still no likey. Sorry.

kendall said...

I was going to post a comment yesterday but blogger was being too slow.

The football aspect of FNL does lessen as the show goes on. The romance and drama steams up!

If Matt and other girl break up I am probably going to cry, It upsets me that coach chandler will not be back! Boo.

I hope I have no classes during this time next year.

MishMyBelle said...

I somehow missed this post. I seriously cannot wait for next season to begin. I miss Tim Riggins in my life. YOU ALL MUST watch this show!! GO PANTHERS!

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