Monday, July 09, 2007

half empty or half full?

Either way, the first day of my next stage of professional eternity is half complete. And for your mid-day enjoyment, we shall play GoodNews/BadNews Moment.

GoodNews: the receptionist answers the phone, "Good Morning, Houghton Mifflin." I mentally giggled at least thrice.

BadNews: the floors and cubicles are such a maze I was literally wandering around lost. Not super enjoyable for the heels I'm wearing.

GoodNews: my cubicle is on a different floor than the rest of my team and is rather spacious ensuring some privacy.

BadNews: my security badge photo is off center and not very cute. HelLO forehead!

GoodNews: the vending machine has SKITTLES!

BadNews: the vending machine with said SKITTLES! won't take my exact (or non-exact change). Plot foiled!

GoodNews: I'm getting a new PC and should have full access to "the goods." No sabbatical here.

BadNews: said PC has not been delivered yet and I'm still blogging from my phone. Boo!

Okay folks; one Diet Pepsi and a bag of cool ranch Doritos down and lunch is over!

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stephanielynn said...

Please ask the receptionist to start saying, "Houghton Mifflin, this is _______." (Tell me her name is actually Pam...or Jan, Sam, etc.) That would make my day!

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