Friday, November 09, 2007

Flashback Friday XII

Are you getting tired of hearing about New York City yet? You'd think I live there instead of in B-Town lately. Well, gear up happy campers. The NYC posts will be free-flowing for the next week and long into early December. There is a reason New York is my favorite city to visit.

Today's Flashback Friday post is a true flashback. A High School flashback. Think you can handle it? I seem to look nearly exactly the same (save hair color and length). It was March of my Sophomore year--that makes it... ::beep beep boop boop mental calculations:: 1999. Is that right? Yes. 1999. And we almost partied like it was.

Our school's advanced choirs and Drama Club planned a combined "tour" (and why do they call it that? Isn't it more of a "school-sponsored but not funded vacation"? and what chaperones in their right mind would take, or want to take 40 crazy wild, annoying teenagers to one of the craziest, wildest cities on earth? And now that I'm OUT of high school and a frequent visitor to NYC, how can we get these crazy middle and high school groups NOT to come?). (Wow, that was a long side-note.) Being the not-so-great singer than I am, I wasn't in an advanced choir. I had to join Drama Club. Dun dun dun. But who cares. Back to the fun.

OH wait. Fun was postponed. Somehow, I drew the oldest maid of all old maid cards. My friend and I had to share a room with two chaperones--two moms. DRRRRRRRAG. Instead of staying up waaaaay too late and having a big experience in a big city, we shared a room with two moms. How was more ruckus not raised about that? How does crap like that even happen to me? Oye.


This trip was my first all-in-all out-and-out tourist trip to NYC. We did the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Canal Street, Broadway (Lion King and Miss Saigon), and a host of other Times Square-based things. It wasn't until subsequent trips that I realized there's TONS to New York outside of Midtown. Who knew?


Guess what? Yeah, it rained while we were there. NO BIG SURPRISE.

Quite a few of my readers were on that trip--and are in the pictures above and below. Alaina, Jody, Jake, Clayton, Rachael, Mandy, Matt, Cari, etc.--do you have anything to add? Particular stories to share? Alls I remember is that sneaking out was the rage--how safe is that? But really, High Schoolers sneaking around after dark in the city that never sleeps? This is another reason these trips should be outlawed. We had our fun, let's call it good and stop all school trips. Sure High Schoolers may be a bit bummed, but all NYC dwellers (Mel, Kristan, Karen, Michele, Joe, Nate, Jam) and frequent visitors (ME) would probably all be in favor.


Rachel said...

Aw, this brings back many of my own memories of high school "tours". I agree with you, what adult in their right mind would want to take a million annoying teenagers on vacation? But then again, who would really want to spend every day with them at school anyway? Someone stronger than me I suppose.

I love New York already and I've never even been there!

5 DAYS!!!!

p.s. My favorite part of this blog was the "::beep beep boop boop mental calculations::". That made me laugh.

Lainey said...

I am the jerk that took your best friend so you ended up rooming with chaperones. What a jerk I am! ::cringe in embarassment:: Thanks for not blasting me in the post. And I honestly don't think I remember you had to sleep with chaperones. I'm sad. Forgive me for being an 18 year-old self-absorbed snot?

I don't think you look nearly the same.

Lainey said...

P.S. Isn't it fun when you walk around the city and see places that we haunted back then? Anytime I walk by that hotel with the big M (what was it called?) I get all warm and fuzzy cuz we were there. I love history like that.

Nat Attack said...

Lane--there's a Sbarro(sp?) we ate breakfast in everyday that I ALWAYS laugh when I see. And no, you're not a jerk; but I did leave out the not-so-happy moments of that trip. Wink.

$700 was a lot for that trip. I think about what I could do NOW with $700 of travel money...? Aye carumba.

Lainey said...

YES I really was a jerk and I can't say I'm sorry enough. You can have my second born or something.

Yeah no kidding we got ripped off on all those tours. I vote we take our own kids on our OWN version of "tour".

Babby said...

I think you're much more beautiful now. You've aged very gracefully. :)

Cabra Forte said...

A few things I remember from that trip that weren't mentioned:

1.) Falling several stories in the hotel elevator--twice

2.) Clayton, Jake and I thinking it was hilariously funny to go from floor to floor and pressing every single button on every elevator. We spent two hours at this instead of going to see Les Miserables...which I still haven't seen as a result.

3.) Frantically trying to write several months worth of entries into my Jane Eyre journal on the plane trip home. *shudder*

And, to follow Alaina's post, I'm pretty sure I was a pretty big jerk for, oh, several years in there. I'm glad you don't hold it against me. And I really am sorry about that too.

And finally--Boo Patriots. (Have to get that in there somewhere)

Cabra Forte said...

By the way--did you know that Rex Kimball is marrying my cousin in December? Weird, huh?

Nat Attack said...

Oh wow. I forgot ALL about that dumb Jane Eyre journal. I think every Sophomore on that trip was scribbling furiously on the flight home. To this day I've never finished that book.

Another memory that just surfaced--that orange beanie and a "ask me about green algae" button. Is that what it said?

And don't apologize. Nine years was a long time ago. Glad we're all happy and still friends. No hard feelings.

Cheri said...

Ok, here's a comment from one of "those" was one of the best trips I've ever taken. Also, the cost was WAY cheap and you guys got lots of bang for your 700 bucks!

Jan said...

When you have teenagers of your own take them to Bermuda...the sand IS pink and the water fabulous...but your kids would rather be with their friends on the $700 NYC trip! Did you know Mallory is slated to go their next year???

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