Thursday, November 08, 2007

I don't even remember what home is.

So today, I'm wearing 95 percent the same outfit as yesterday. Same pants, same shoes, same purse, same undershirt, same wet knob of hair.

I'm riding a hangover of a date at the gym, 3.5 miles on the treadmill, another 3 walking, around the south end, a relax in the sauna, venezuelan cuisine, peanut butter cookie sandwich with chocolate frosting center, the trashiest episode of GG yet, some hilarious commentary and quite a bit of giggling, some Top Model action, and it's too late to take the T home.

So I fulfilled my childhood wish of having a midweek sleepover with friends. B was kind enough to loan me a new sweater, but I'm basically rockin' in two day old clothes.

Today is the new yesterday.

PS. Happy birthday Julie! 25 is so OLD. Well, until I join you in exactly a month. Then 25 is just hip.

PPS. Just fulfilled Kendall/Rachel's life goal: I got us tickets to the Tyra Banks show next week in NYC. I think I know just where to go to get some chic urban wear.


Ju said...

are you saying that i don't make 25 hip?

i resemble that comment.

Anonymous said...

Hello...I'm a friend of Erica Gandy, I mean Davidson...and from her blog found're funny! From one blogger to another...keep it up!!! BORED???...go read mine:

Nat Attack said...

Hahaha. That does make me look like a jerk! I was making a joke about 25 being old and then, realizing I'm only a month behind you, trying to make it cooler than it is.

And how do you resemble a comment? I'm confused. I think my still wet, probably molding hair, is impacting my thought processes.

Nat Attack said...

Anon--glad to have you! I'll be sure to add your blog to my list. I like reading blogs even more than writing them!

Shauna said...

Oh the Tyra show! LUCKY.

kidding. Hate her.

Love ANTM though. Except what was the deal with this weeks episode? No photos? LAME!

Lainey said...

This is the best blog ever! You make life sound uber-fun and exciting. And the tickets - amazing! I love the thought of you recycling your outfit. I do that at least 2 days a week. New shirt, same everything else :) Shh don't tell.

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