Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm Thankful for Digital Film

Oh geez. I haven't blogged in a week. Are you ready to loot and pillage? Are your pitchforks and torches at the ready? Or, have you been offline, out and about and enjoying the holiday? I'm hoping for the latter. I only want what's best for you you know. I'm doing this because I love you. ::insert other parental catchphrases here::

Well, I have my life back. The Wms. East Coast Extended Thanksgiving Extravaganza has run its course. Ten days. Two major cities. Four living locations. Two Ford Focuses (Focci?). Three trips to the Texas Roadhouse (to our credit, once was just to pick up rolls for our Thanksgiving dinner). Two pots of Taco Soup to feed the friends (you!) who came to meet the family. Eight trips to the Christmas Tree Shops. Endless giggling. It's what happens when four sisters get together.

You know what else happens when you get four sisters together? If you know me, or my family, it's probably not hard to guess. Heck, if you read consistently, or geez! even occasionally, you know I take photos every where. With any one. Doing any thing. Are you ready for this?

You really wouldn't have guessed it was Thanksgiving Day in Boston. Isn't it supposed to be cold?


I think this one is my ultimate favorite. Believe it or not, we didn't discuss our color palate once. Pretty perfect though, wouldn't you say?


Insert the Mom.


Some people know how to pose.
Others most definitely do not.
Elbows are overrated.
Once upon a time we thought it was cold enough we'd need coats. Pardon the black eye I'm sporting, on our first shot I took one look into the sun and that was the end of my perfect eye makeup. I wasn't made aware of the black eye until about 50 photos in. Aren't family's supposed to take care of each other? I thought it'd be cool to try to bring the cravat back. The nineteenth century is the new twenty-first century.
Every time our entire family is together in Boston, we take a picture in this exact spot. (Have you been with me when I request we do this? It happened on the 4th of July, the Great Boston Adventure, and the JT concert.) As soon as I can get hold of the photos from yesteryear, I'll post them for your comparison. Trust me, they're world's different than the photo below. Strangely enough, there were tons of people milling around (more than should have been on T-Day), but the auto timer on the camera knew the exact second to click away. 1 point for technology.


In the series below, I really thought we'd be able to off set each other's balance enough to keep us on that post.
Not so much. 1 point pillar.
So that's it. Can you believe you made it through that slideshow? Are you happy or sad I'm only posting one day's worth of photos? (Please note: there are 250 unposted photos from this same day. I scaled waaaaaaaay back.) Want to know what I'm both equally happy and sad about? The family is gone, which means I stop eating waaaay too much food. Equal parts joy, equal parts pain.


Jody said...

Your mom looks great! As do the rest of you of course. Random question: What is the little graphic on the address bar? Is it a doll? A devil? How can I get one? :)

Kylee said...

You have one good looking family! The soup was great, your family was so fun to be around, I learned more about why you are you, and in the end the best part of you family coming to town-- was seeing you so happy! I'm thankful that I have my roommate back!

Rachel said...

I am in love with these pictures. I think they're beautiful. You didn't post enough of them! You can never have too many pictures. :)

Lainey said...

Rachel stole my catchphrase! Never too many photos :)

I am sorely jealous of your enchilada dinner. Wish I had some, too lazy to make more. It's quite the effort you know.

I think that first picture in the leaves is my very favorite one, and for once we all look great.

I take the cake for un-photogenic this week. So much for my big comeback from six-weeks-post-baby-fat from last year's shoot.

Lainey said...

P.S. We have surprisingly little glub-glub in the neck area for laying down in that first photo! A Thanksgiving Miracle!

stephanielynn said...

You all look great! The first is my favorite. I can't believe the red leaves! I've almost forgotten what a real Fall is like.

Jan said...

I think I enjoyed meeting your friends THERE at the Sunday night get together as much as being altogether as the Kent/Jan family...although staying at the dentals couldn't be beat! who can pass up free laundry mats?

Tom & Mary Babb Family said...

What HOT ladies! All these shots are gorgeous! And your folks really do look fantastic! Can't wait to see these mugs in person.

kendall said...

Yeah...we're hot. I reeeally love the pictures in the doorframe all lined up, SO COOL!! Thank goodness only three weeks until we're reunited. More pictures for the taking!

Kaos Baggins said...

first is a very pretty photo, i remenber the song "bed of roses" (bon jovi) with it

onlychild09 said...

That pole was rather tricky. These pictures are amazing. I have such a hard time deciding my favorite!

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