Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Staying Above the Yellow Line

You know I love The Biggest Loser. I know you know I love the Biggest Loser. Why can't I seem to quit talking about it? Oh right, because I don't know one person who watches the show. Not one. So I can't get my discussion on via gChat, Messenger, email, F-book, phone, or in person like I can for all my other shows. TBL is my guilty pleasure.

So now, it's time for me to talk about the Biggest Loser in a forum that is technically supposed to be for me, and me alone. And since my Tuesday night viewings of TBL are with me, and me alone, I feel justified in brain dumping Biggest Loser style.

The following probably won't make any sense to any of you. But I'll snicker nonetheless.
  • Watching other people work out makes me tired. It also screws with my mind because it makes me feel involved. Sitting on my bed eating cheese and crackers in no way constitutes working out.
  • I can not stand any of the women left on the Black team. Hollie is morose, Julie is animatedly expressive, and Isabeau is conniving.
  • What kind of name is Isabeau anyway?
  • My new favorite player is Nicole. She works hard, she's upbeat, and she chipped her front teeth out diving into the pool. And still laughed about it.
  • Last night Neil shed the 3's and entered the 2's. Crazy for a guy who started the show at 420 pounds.
  • My favorite part of the show is at the end when they show the eliminated contestant today--most of them have lost 80-120 pounds and they look amazing! I pretty much tear up every time.
  • Last week were makeovers and surprise family visits. I definitely cried a lot last week.
  • TBL has the most blatant product placements I've ever witnessed on prime time television. It wouldn't bother me so much if they didn't try to act like they were discussing the product in normal conversation--it sounds so phony and forced. Argh.
  • Several of the contestants are closing in on my own weight. That's starting to make me a little nervous...
  • Every week I wonder how the heck they fill 2 hours of showtime. It drives me a little crazy. It's a good thing I have a black belt in DVR fast-forwarding.
  • Did you know I knew someone who was on TBL? A gal I worked with in Oregon and her fiancee were on a special engaged-couples edition. It was craaaaaazy to hear the behind-the-scenes information.

Did I really just write an entire blog about The Biggest Loser? Sure did! I'm glad it's out of my system. Phew. Now I can get back to my regularly scheduled blogging.


Shauna said...

uhhh, i watch this show. And uhhhh, it makes me hungry! Like chocolate cake hungry.

Also i hate Isabeau. And what i hate more than her is her name. Seriously? Isabeau? So sickening, what a mean mother. And i cried a lot when Kaye got kicked off and i kind of feel like Kaye and i have the same body. Depressing.

Nat Attack said...

A kindred spirit!

I was sad when Kae was eliminated last week too. But how AWESOME does she look now? Geez. What a rockstar.

I always loved B. Now he's gone. Sad.

The Black team used to be my favorite, but I can't STAND the cronies now.

Shauna said...

Yes we are kindred. And i want you to know that I am now a firm believer in FNL. Because of your constant persisting, i am now a huge fan.

Rachel said...

Even though I don't watch this show, I still like hearing you talk about it. You're funny.

Lainey said...

Does writing this blog make you a Big Loser? ahahaha... kidding.

I laughed really hard at #3, because after reading #2 I thought "What kind of name is Isabeau anyway?" in the EXACT moment I read it written. That makes us kindred spirits in a way, right?

Lesley said...

I love watching this show! For some reason it is much better eating ice cream while watching it!

Honestly, do you think that they all secretly wish everyone else will gain weight at the weigh-ins?

Nat Attack said...

I can't decide! They all seem pretty genuinely happy when they hit major milestones. Well everyone except Hollie -- but she kind of looks that way all the time.

I'd like to think they're all happy for each other.

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