Thursday, November 15, 2007

Flashback (Fri)day XIII

Today is the day I leave for New York to see the fam. Are you tired of hearing about it yet? I hope not. I imagine you'll hear about and see quite a bit of it in the next few days. I'm at work for a few hours this morning and wanted to provide a Flashback post, even though it's technically not a Friday.

For the record, I feel guilty flashbacking to events that have already been blogged about. You already had to read it once, why do it again? However, I usually try to tie my Flashback posts to current events; and as this is the last FF post before Thanksgiving, and I only have last year's Thanksgiving photos at my disposal... you get to see how awesome last year was. Again.

Last year the festivities started early--back when the baby was youngish. Everyone came into town for her blessing. (Look how funny she is now!)

One thumb up for baby.The weekend my hair turned grey.One baby to rule them all.

We ran a 6k on Thanksgiving Day. It's kind of a miracle no one was seriously injured as we're not exactly the running type of family. We did all right. Are we repeating this year? Ummmm. "They're taking time to travel and celebrate the holiday like the pilgrims of old," the official family spokesperson said yesterday.

Made it out alive!And then I did a herky.Not really number 1.

You may remember we had our family photos done. How could you forget? The photos are ev er y wh ere. Regardless, I still love love love these photos. Stay tuned for this Thanksgiving's round.
Las hermanas de WmsWe're so got back

Do you have Thanksgiving 2006 firmly etched in your memory now? I hope so... 2007 is on its way!


Lainey said...

Yay! I can never hear enough about our previous vacations. That's the whole point; to re-live things right!?

I'm glad my baby is a feature.

kendall said...

Haha, I love family. And thanksgiving.

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