Monday, November 05, 2007

Opening the Windows

Apologies my friends for the limited updates in the last few days. My work has cracked down on personal internet usage, so I’m being more judicious with my time spent on Blogger. I’ll give you the quick, quick, quick weekend update.

I got bangs. Now I sort of feel like Julie Taylor. If you get the reference—I love you. If you don’t, I tried; I really did.

My camera battery charger is still missing. That’s why these photos are of the utmost quality! Camera phones are great and all, but truly, they’ll only fill the void of a high-res photo for so long.

Julie, Mike, Bryce and I attended the Boston Celtics season opener on Friday night. It was glorious. The Celts solidly beat the Wizards by 20—KG had 22 points, 20 rebounds, and 5 assists. He’s ridiculously amazing. Because I’m a season ticket holder, this lovely sign was waiting on my seat. I think I’ll bring that to work.

But really, the game was all kinds of crazy. I’ve been in the Garden for concerts before, but it was fantastically awesome to see the Celts play on the storied parquet floor and be a part of the full return of Celtic pride. (The Celts beat the Raptors on a Ray Allen 3-point buzzer beater in OT last night, so the Celts are 2-0.) I’mmmmmmm excited!

Because of Hurricane Noel, it rained and rained and rained on Saturday. It was crazy wet everywhere. After sleeping in (ohhhhhh Heaven), I went to Costco, the Dollar Store, and found the Urban Superstore. Think a completely thugged-out Ross or TJ Maxx. Jerseys, sweat-suits, shoes, Baby Phat, Timberlands… It. Was. Awesome. That might just be on my tourist list now. I always wondered where those clothes came from…and for such discounted prices! I’m especially sad I didn’t get to dress up as a gangster for Halloween…

The rest of the weekend was spent eating. Thai, pancakes, Mexican, oatmeal cookies, pumpkin pie… don’t worry. I brought my gym clothes to work today. I’m going to the gym! The triumphant return!!! Mostly, I’m tired of feeling guilty while watching the Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights.

OH. And, I’m having a commuting miracle lately. I decided to give the more expensive Express Bus a try. Hot Dang. I am a happy camper. No more transfer, transfer, transfer. On the Express Bus, I always get a seat, there’s no herky-jerky stop, start, stop, start… it’s basically Awesome. With a capital A. I think someone must have known I was at the end of my rope. That and several other windows continue to open! Isn’t it a miracle?!

AND, I'm meeting my most wonderous fam in NYC in ten days. Then, a Boston-based Thanksgiving. I am loving this time of year. WINDOWS people!


kendall said...

I think I can barely hold in my excitement for NYC and the thug store.

Rachel said...

Oh Nat, I just love you.

I cannot WAIT to come out there! We are going to have so much fun.

9 days!

Ju said...

dear everyone. i promise i own other hats besides the one in this pic, and in several last week.

yours truly,


Kaos Baggins said...

Hi Nat!
your celtics could be one of the best teams this year (I'm a warrior, but I love celtics since bird age)

enjoy your season ticket, but when play again vs toronto I will with raptors because their point guard (calderon #8) play for my city team few years ago :)
I'm sure that calderon remenber "fuenlabrada blues", we go to the games dressing a scotish skirt (kilt) and our face painted in blue (like braveheart hahahah)

Shauna said...

i have a roommate who is OBSESSED with tupac and i cant even tell you how happy those shoes would make her. looks like i will be coming to boston to fetch those bad boys.

Jan said...

Dear Ju,
How much do you want for that hat?

girlsnap said...

Adorable bangs! Love the open-mouth friendship pic, too. :)

Jody said...

You know what? I think you have a good life.

onlychild09 said...

hooray for windows!

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