Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bump in the Night

Happy Halloween dear readers! I can't believe today is actually Halls--it feels like I've been celebrating it for ages now. In fact, I washed my hands of Halloween Monday night. It's already the 1st of November to me. Come trick or treating to my house tonight, however, and I won't turn you away. (Note to self: buy candy.)

As mentioned before, Friday night was the big one. And by BIG, I mean hair. I decided to forgo goth this year for another out-of-control style: Amy Winehouse. If you don't know who she is, don't worry, I've included a photo of her below. I couldn't quite pull off the waifishly cracked-out body, but if I start losing weight now, I might could hit her 86 pounds by next Halloween.

amyHalloween 07 01 (98)

Per tradition, Julie threw a monstrous Halloween party. Below, I'm making nice with Steve Parry and Luke Skywalker, pledging my celebrity vote to the Romney supporters, and
ostracizing goth track allstars.
Halloween 07 01 (44)A92673_021AA92673_014A

We spent some time at the University Ward dance (quasi-lame except for the antics of Thing 1 and Thing 2 I imported from Utah) and then back to the party I went. I managed to miss seeing the majority of people I knew. An evening of rather bad timing.
A92673_008A Halloween 07 01 (99).3A92673_011A

Also bad? At one point in the dance, I excused myself to the restroom. Due to sweat, and hand contact with my hair, and a combination of the two, my face was rather black. Like a chimney-sweep black. Without any paper towels in the restroom, I resorted to wiping of my face with clorox bleach wipes. Three of them. Talk about a chemical peal. I did get the color of my face back.
Halloween 07 01 (100)A92673_022AA92673_020A
Two shampoos, two conditions, and some temp-tatt scrubbing later, I was as good as new. No more Halloween for me.


Shauna said...

my slutty friend from highschool calls me every year for halloween ideas. Shes followed my advice every year shes asked...Christina Aguillera from the Moulan Rouge video, A Fanta Girl, Jessica Simpson from the Public Affair Video in terry cloth tube jumpsuit and roller skates, and this year i suggested Amy Winehouse. And guess who she was? Amy Winehouse. But WAY sluttier than you. (take that as a compliment)

Ju said...

forget mitt, i vote nat for president. or, at least best costume of all of halloween.

by the way, i don't see any fangs on amy winehouse, why did you choose to incorporate those into your costume? (wink)

Nat Attack said...

The better question is not WHY, but HOW I got them to stay in?!

I'm a rock star, that's how.

kendall said...

You costume=quite amazing.

Whits said...

I'm seriously sad I missed this costume. From the pics it looked awesome!

Minnesota Fan said...

I dunno, I think maybe you should forgo going back to blonde in favor of black...

Rachel said...

Your hair looks amazing. How in the world did you do that?!

Happy Halls! I like how you call it that.

Kristan said...

I love that you went as Wino! Fantastic.

MishMyBelle said...

Nat you looked great...both nights! Did you and Kris have fun?! I forgot she was coming to visit you. Who did your cat make-up?!

Rachel said...

Best costume, sorry I doubted you.

Deming Brat said...

you look AMAZING so sorry i wasn't there to see in realsies!

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