Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Whole Lot 'o Nothin'

I haven't been much of a blogger lately, have I? I promise, you don't know how often I begin blogs in my mind and then forget, lose the motivation, etc.--in short get distracted by a shiny object. I'm sorry.

Like usual, I don't really have anything interesting or grandiose to report. My weekend was filled with a closet purge and organize, an oil change for my car, and some quality time in my bed unwinding from Q3. It. Was. Awesome.

I feel like I have all these thoughts, moments, and experiences running wild in my head, and until I drop them here they'll continue to plague my every waking hour. So. A brain dump is in order. Are you ready? Gear up...
  • The Red Sox won three in a row to scalp the Cleveland Indians and put us in the World Series. Boston is aflame with Sox pride--it's rather exciting. I'm trying to decide the feasibility of finding the funds to purchase tickets to Game 1 or 2.
  • Now that I'm within a hair's breath (why is that even a phrase? is it? It came to my mind, so I'm thinking it's probably a cliche people use as I don't frequently make these things up--but really? A hair's breath? Strange.) of paying off my credit card (come Friday, I'm in the black again!), it's like I feel the need to run it up again. On something fabulous. For instance--
  • Yesterday, I found the deal of ALL deals. Norwegian Cruise Lines was bringing over one of its brand new ships to start a western Caribbean cruise. SO, they were offering a 9-night Transatlantic cruise from Spain, through Portugal, and docking in Boston. For $350. Are you kidding me?! I spend $350 in 9 days here at home. My mind spent a quarter of yesterday figuring out how to make it work--backpack 10-14 days in Europe before the cruise, end up in Spain and sail home in style. I probably could have made it work, but the ship sails smack-dab between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I probably would have had to quit my job, and I had no one to travel with. For shame.
  • Though my ability to find amazingly awesome deals is beneficial to both me and those whom I shop/hunt for, sometimes it makes me heart hurt knowing all kinds of good things are passing me by.
  • I wake up every day at 7:10. I go to bed at 11:30. When did I get old?
  • I have a new philosophy I'm trying to live by. No matter what, take a seat on the bus. Even if you have to crawl over people to get there, or squeeze into a seat not that large since your neighbor is maybe pouring a little into your seat--it doesn't matter. Take the seat.
  • I hate the bus. Hate it. My commute would be 76% less hated if I could cut out my bus ride.
  • Can you believe it's the end of October? You wouldn't believe it from the 80 degree weather we had yesterday. It's been crazy warm here and humid at nights. The leaves still haven't fully changed--maybe next week? Friends! It's not too late to come visit... I'll take you on a gorgeous drive to see some leaves.
  • Speaking of visitors, Krista Krista Krista is coming to visit this weekend. Halloween festivities will ensue.
  • I'm not typically a collector, but for some reason, I've become rather obsessive about collecting the screw tops from the 20 ouncers I drink. Why!? They serve no purpose. But I can't stop! And you'd think I'd be embarrassed by how many I have stacking up... anyone have an idea what I should do with them?
  • I just looked at purchasing tickets for the World Series. $475 was the cheapest ticket I saw. My cap was $250. Guess who'll be watching the game on TV...?
  • Hoping the Celtics will go to the NBA Finals (as I'll have rights to buy tickets) dulls the sting somewhat.
  • I'm pretty socially healthy right? Right. I wanted to establish that before I clued you in on what TV I've been watching. When I'm not stressfully working, I'm unwinding on my bed, enjoying the following (in day order): Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Aliens in America, The Hills, House, Gossip Girl(!), America's Next Top Model, Private Practice, Pushing Daisies, The Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs, Grey's, Friday Night Lights. Wow. I guess I don't really feel so bad about that now that it's out in the open. The beauty of DVR--I watch it whenever I want.
  • I have two new TV boyfriends. Chuck from Chuck and Ned from Pushing Daisies. I still love Coach Taylor from FNL though, don't worry.
  • SOX. SOX. SOX. The games go til midnight or so--you can't imagine how quiet, slow, and lethargic everyone is at work the morning after game day.
  • When I was in NYC three weeks ago, I took my Gucci fanny pack. I had every intention of wearing it (ask my hosts, it's true). Sadly, the clip is slightly bent, and it takes some jimmying to keep it on. Sigh. I wanted it too much.
  • I tried a new recipe (thanks Mal!) on Sunday and made an apple crisp. It was pretty good--but is peeling apples for 1.5 hours ever worth anything? Jury's still out...
  • Peggy's dating Snoop Dogg's cousin. Holla what what!
  • Believe it or not, I'm actually not a very competitive person. If you don't believe me, let's discuss.
  • I could go for a Diet Coke right now.
  • Speaking again of visitors, all of my sisters and parents are coming to Boston for Thanksgiving. Never was anyone's collective visit more anticipated.
  • "All of my ... parents" makes it sound like I have several sets. But no, just one pair.
  • I used to wish TV could be as good as movies. My wish has inverted itself however, I wish movies could be as good as TV.
  • Our Ireland trip is paid in full. Our London trip is paid in full. All I have to do now is worry about money for food, excursions, and money to buy you all some gold plated shamrock bling. Nice.
  • I typically have my Christmas gifts purchased and wrapped by Thanksgiving. I'm right on schedule. Half-done.
  • Songs on consta-repeat this week: "Apologize" --One Republic (ft. Timbaland), "Safe in the Arms of Love" --Martina McBride, "What Goes Around" --Justin Timberlake
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  • Anyone want to eschew responsibility, run up their credit card and escape to Europe for awhile? There's this great deal we could probably still catch...
  • I bought the greatest vintage, tweed, grandpa hat last night for $4. I love Fall--it brings back hat and scarf weather.
  • Lately, I'm kind of addicted to playing games online. Not WoW or Starcraft types... but MSN offers some pretty fun, addicting but shouldn't be addicting games.

Well, I guess that's it. As the title suggests, this post has been a whole lot 'o nothin'. Thanks for sticking around.


j said...

The cliche is actually within a hair's breadth. Which makes much more sense than a hair's breath.

Jan said...

When are you going to London?

Jan said...

And are we having a meet and greet/cocktail soiree to see all/any of your Boston friends/family while we ARE there? Putting names to faces? Are they more intimidated of us or are we more of them? or does this not apply anymore?

Nat Attack said...

MOm--we're taking a day.5 flight night-over when we're in Ireland. Whoop!

Ju said...

We're more intimidated by you.

And Jake, you're not allowed to comment on my friends blogs just to point out mistakes. I'm a hair's breadth away from selling your information to spammers.

Rachel said...

I feel so caught up now, especially since I've missed a ton of your blogs. yea!

j said...

Nat Attack,
I apologize if I've offended or hurt your feelings. My only intention was to explain the phrase and help to eliminate your confusion.

No need to sell my info to the spammers. They seem to find it without anyone's help. Or maybe it was someone else's friend whose blog I left helpful explanatory comments on. Either way, I've got plenty of the spams, at least for me.

Lainey said...

I LIKE mind dumps, a lot. Boring or no.

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