Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Overnight Loss

The last few nights, as I've layed/laid in bed unwinding and clearing my DVR, I've started mentally composing the blog I'll write as soon as I get to work the next morning.

By the time I evict myself from bed, do the requisite washing, dressing and brushing and get myself onto the bus, onto the red line, onto the green line, read my work email, read the recaps of the previous night's tv, attended my daily 930 scrum, and countless other "musts", I've long forgotten what glorious revelations from the night before I was supposed to type.

As far as last night is concerned: All I remember was that I cried several times. I was watching The Biggest Loser and Beauty and the Geek. I'm totally losing my edge.


  • Biggest Loser always makes me cry. It's either because:

    • a. the show is incredibly inspirational
      b. the show is incredibly guilt-inducing

  • Laying/lying/lay'in in bed eating Hot Tamales and watching other people work out and not-eat will shame anyone

  • One of the contestant's mother died last night. That's reality.

  • It was "makeover night" on Beauty and the Geek. I don't even watch this show, but when I found out it was makeover night, I set my DVR to record. I love love love a good makeover.

  • I was maybe cry/laughing because one of the geeks turned out to be uber hot. Like Seth Cohen/Dan Humphrey/Chuck Bartowski geek chic.

Last night, I had it written all clever and funny. In the light of day, I look like the girl who cries at Kodak commercials.


Carly said...

I watched Beauty and the Geek last night too! (I love this show and am now skipping class to watch it since I don't have DVR...) I didn't cry, but I will agree with you on the hotness of some of those Geeks! Like GQ hot! Too bad the dark haired guy got kicked off...

Breona said...

I think I just cried/laughed for you. Haha. I'll have to tune in to have a fair opinion. BTW-i added your link on my Blog.

Rachel said...

Haha, this makes me REALLY want to watch tv with you. You are just always a good time.

Ju said...

that's not funny. i am that girl.

Nerak said...

"Laying/lying/lay'in in bed eating Hot Tamales and watching other people work out and not-eat will shame anyone."

I know what you mean! Yesterday, instead of going to the basketball night that I organized and recruited for, I ran into friends on 74th st and watched 3 HOURS of tv... Why do I think this is ok? :)

Nerak said...

Oh dear, I used an emoticon. Don't hate me.

Nat Attack said...

HAHAHA. Emoticons are acceptable occasionally. Since I know you're not an over-user, it's totally fine.

And I'm kind of bummed you didn't come to Boston, I was looking all over for you! I kind of wanted a photo to post on my blog...

Lainey said...

Oh dear you made me laugh. But I can't think of a funny/witty way to say that.

Definitely, maybe, probaby related posts:

If NatA! posted a photo with this blog, here it is!