Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Great Vermont Adventure

I never posted the photos from our ward campout in Sharon, Vermont the last weekend in September. Obviously, it was lovely. This post will be primarily photos (aren't they all lately?).

Julie and I were caught testing out the various functions of our flashlights.


Whits said...

who are those manly men chopping wood? hahahahahahaah

A Digital Darkroom said...

Holy Gorgeous photos! Who took those? Are they on your camera?

kendall said...

Yeah, the photos of you checking out your flashlights are fantastic! They seriously look like stills from a movie or something.

Nat Attack said...

Whit--who knew right?!

Lain--all but the last three were taken on my camera. The flashlight photos were taken than none other than the resident photo man himself Tim. (Just WAIT until I can get my hands on some of the geniusness he took over Edu Conference!)

Rachel said...

You and Julie look so pretty. I want more campout in my life!

Jan said...

what a pretty pic of you smiling in the last one...Vermont IS beautiful.

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