Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Out of Luck - The Explanation

You're right. You can't claim to be unlucky without giving some examples. I'll try to keep the list to a relatively concise list so I don't feel the urge to throw the towel in. But you're free to send muffin baskets or singing telegrams in sympathy.

  • I returned home from Connecticut at midnight Monday night and none of the lights in my room worked. Unable to see, I found something to change into and crawled into bed. Last night, we searched for the breaker-boards in the house and were only able to locate two. Of course neither of them controlled my room. Another night spent in the dark.
  • My paychecks are always deposited on the 1st and 15th of the month. Two weeks ago, on the 15th, I made a big payment on my credit card (yay!). By some twist of fate, our paychecks were not actually posted until the 16th this go-round, and I then managed to use my debit card nine times; and in consequence of insufficient funds, bounced nine transactions at $20.00 a piece.
  • Saw Pirates at the midnight showing last Thursday night. Parked on the Common in a totally legit spot. Oh. but. wait. The City of Boston street-sweeps every other Thursday night. Who knew? Hello $40 ticket. (Pirates was a decent movie, but was it worth a $10 ticket and $40 parking? No.)
  • Yesterday, I noticed someone clipped my driver's side mirror.
  • I turned my lamp on at work today and the light promptly shorted out. Then, trying to unscrew it, the bottom broke off, basically rendering it useless unless I potato the thing out.
  • My skin is mirroring a 14-year-old boy's.
  • My middle toenails on both my feet inexplicably fell off this weekend.
  • Kylee and I saw Gus-Gus yesterday; he's not a mouse. I repeat, not a mouse. He is a CAT-sized raccoon! We saw him run out from under a bush munching on something. I'm taking a poll on new names: "Rocky," "Bandit," or "The Raccoon formerly known as Gus-Gus."
  • Let us not forget the chronicle of DVR debacles or the Black Plauge of Early May.
  • When I was in NYC a few weeks ago, I got slammed with a $115 parking ticket for a fire hydrant violation. Don't worry, I've learned my lesson.

The list could continue, but I'll rein it in. The good news is, I'm not down-trodden or past hope; I've just overwhelmed by this string of crapper-mcCrapper things happening! I have had several silver linings the last few days though--here's the quick run-down of those: sweet ace trip to CT for Memorial Day; smokin' cute new bathing suit from Target; I have a job that more than pays for all my bills and unlucky surprises; I can write, read, speak, and think fast enough to be really good at my job; I can chat online all day at work; it's Turkey Wednesday!; I have the most amazing family in the world who keep me laughing; I found $99 one-ways for my family from Boston to Portland (an unheard of feat during Thanksgiving weekend!); the weather is gorgeous and driving with the windows down is celestial; the song "I Need You" by Faith/Tim and the fact I'm going to their concert in just over a month; my weekend has nothing planned yet but I'm still wicked excited for it; I have the cutest niece in the world; my hair is still rockstar red; I can walk painfree; I love love love my car (even after three years); people read my blog; cinnamon toast crunch; country music; letting my hair air dry on the way to work; Kelly Clarkson's "Never Again"; So You Think You Can Dance!; my girls in Salt Lake; my friends at the D-Mark I still keep in contact with; hope; my boys in Utah who are moving to NYC; cliches; compliments; my Boston girls; my testimony; digital photos; when you just "click" with someone; I got a little color this weekend; cute heels; cute flats; style; Hot Tamales; Target hot dogs; reading blogs; text messages; clean sheets; cool rooms; sassy ponytails; chic glasses; bright colors; Portland; Phoenix; Salt Lake City; Broadway Musicals; when a friend knows what you're trying to say in three words or less; singalongs; cooking for others; eating! and on, and on, and on.

I guess if this is the most "unlucky" that I ever am, I should consider myself unquestionably blessed.


kendall said...

I love always being first to comment. Yesterday during my lunch break in the two story Target I bought a giant sized box of Hot Tamales. I might be turning into you a little bit.

Rachel said...

I think I would be more excited for this weekend if we could hang out? Sorry about all the crap, but sounds like life is pretty good too. Love you!!

spoonfulL said...

great blog! and trust me, i feel your pain on those parking tickets. i've paid $250 so far to somerville and belmont. then there are the andover ones... really, it's tough to keep track. anyway, in spite of your many afflictions, you are rockin life hard core! xoxo

Lainey said...

1) You need an overdraw on your bank account. Should be free and it's like a line of credit that's there just in case and you'll NEVER pay NSF fees again.

2) Your list of happies makes ME super happy

3) Cute niece!

Anonymous said...

Plague is spelled p l a g u e and I always love seeing your perspective and feeling your balance. thx. You make ME happy.

Nat Attack said...

Boo for bad spelling. I can't be expected to do EVERYTHING right, right? :D

Confession: I forgot about the Black Plague and added it after I'd already posted the blog; so it missed the spell check.

NOTE TO FAMILY: Quit reading and picking out my grammar/spelling mistakes. It's not nice. :)

kendall said...

I'm not judging! However, Mom said THX. How embarassing.

onlychild09 said...

Don't worry, apparently I spell things wrong all the time. How are you so good at coming up with all of these things?!

Lainey said...

I think the spelling thing is your own fault for being in the profession of editing etc. We all hold you to perfection standard.

And note: the only spelling I have ever fixed was in your blog about being dumber than a 7th grader. That was just asking for it, right!?

B. Goldenwood said...

OMG you are just hilarious. This is my favorite kind of natattack blog... the list of funny anecdotes.

Ju said...

i vote "the racoon formerly known as gus-gus"

miss you.

Lauren said...

i totally hear you about the nsf fees. the same exact thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. just call and explain your situation and i am sure they will reimburse you. they did me! good luck and let me know how it goes.

LJL said... seem so casual about a freaking Raccoon living in your walls. Watch out....they can be mean. And should we be worried about your toenails falling off. I love it....great post.

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