Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sox Appeal

Hey. You! Did you hear the Boston Red Sox won the World Series? For the second time in four years? Oh. Right. Well, they did. And today was the Victory Parade.

Working downtown has a few advantages. Check out this view from my office about an hour before the parade started:

Both Julie and I left the house without Red Sox paraphenalia this morning. Don't worry--I work right above a most excellent Marshalls. We now have hats and sweatshirts to always remind us of the day! Look how excited we are to not only have World Champions rolling by, but to live in Boston at all. (For the record, I did wash my face post last night's costume make-up-ing. Apparently I have super-porous skin. Or jaundice.)
RedSox 005

If you're not a Sox fan (this is you, Utah reader), these next photos will hold little value or interest to you. (If you prefer the candid, Nat's looking like an idiot shots, this post is for you.)

All in all, it wasn't a shabby way to spend our lunch hour.

Oh, hey. Have you heard? The New England Patriots are 8-0. I know just the parade route they can use in January.


Kylee said...

Thanks for the pics! Looks like you guys had fun. I had to be in a meeting--bummer. Go Red Sox!!

Ju said...

holy crap could this have been more fun?

Kaos Baggins said...

congratulations for world series

in spain don't play baseball, but can remenber our celebration for last europe soccer championship of Real Madrid or last promote of fuenlabrada in basketball
and sport celebrations are very funny

Rachel said...

Rad, I love your gansta hats!

JK said...

Very jealous. I very much regret not making it to the one in 2004.

Looks like a great time.

kendall said...

I definitely love your hats!! I wish I could've been there, with my Sox spirit and all. I was there in spirit though, I wore my hat yesterday.

neecee said...

I love me a homie hat.

Breona said...

Saweetness! You're right in the middle of all the action. How fun. I wish soccer was as cool here like kaos's place. Meh. Enjoy the hype of Bean town!

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