Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the typically atypical

I'm coming off the longest (self-imposed) weekend (see post below this one) in recent history. It's almost Wednesday, and it feels like my weekend just ended. We did a lot. A lot, a lot. (Say that out loud a few times fast, it's rather enchanting.)

Friday was the day we celebrated Julie's birthday. This included dinner at her favorite establishment--Costco. Yes, the discount warehouse. Seventeen of her closest showed up to dine on fine hot dogs, churros, and pizza. The looks we received weren't all too odd until we sang. It's not too often you hear people singing in Costco. Fun, right?

Saturday, we went candlestick bowling again. This particular alley was so old, you had to keep your own score. The mathematicians took great care; I didn't do too badly. For the record, candlestick bowing is hard. Much harder than big-ball bowling. The pins don't fall as easily, the balls are harder to control, and it just doesn't feel too real. We had two lanes of seven people, and our team whomped all over the competition.

Also on Saturday, Julie and I tried to catch the sunset. The Mt. Auburn cemetery very close to my house is the largest in Mass., and also one of the oldest. On the grounds is a tower you can climb to take photos of the surrounding area (it's the highest point in a several mile radius). For the record, the tower closes at 4. No climbing for us. We did what we could in a graveyard near dark.
Isn't that last picture kind of creepy? I didn't enhance my eyes at all, they just always red-out. Especially creepier in a graveyard, right?

Just think--I don't even have photos from Sunday or Monday. Those two days involved church (and some extremely fashion forward ankle-boots), a wonderful dinner with friends, a viewing of my favorite urban movie "Honey", a sleep-over, homemade soup, grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, laundry, a DVR-clearout, and a host of other goods. 48 hours until I'm in NYC--before then I've got dinner at the Texas(!), a Celtics game (5-0!), and some Christmas wrapping to do. Not enough time!

Maybe I should take a holiday tomorrow.


Kaos Baggins said...

oh my god!
last set of photos really are afraid, i have fear
hahaha ;)

sunset from these point must be wonderfull

onlychild09 said...

dear friend,
you are pretty funny. aren't you a little old to be taking myspace photos? haha I love you nat! See you in two days!!!

Ju said...

what type of sick individual would want their birthday party at costco?

kendall said...


Rachel said...

I would be alright with having my birthday dinner at Costco, but that's second choice. First choice would definitely be the Texas.


Linda said...


Lainey said...

I do love the graveyard photos. Maybe we can go there with my monster camera and re-create Plymouth circa 1997.

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