Thursday, August 23, 2007

Right Frame of Mind

Last night, we celebrated the beautiful Peggy's entrance into the world. What better way than candlestick bowling? For those of you who don't know, and that's probably most of you since it's a New England thing, candlestick bowling is different than standard bowling. Instead of two bowls per frame, there are three. Instead of bowling one frame at a time, you bowl two. Instead of 10 pound+ balls, 2.5 pounders. Instead of "normal" shaped pins, very straight ones that don't fall the same. Long story short, it's much harder. Much, much harder. I think I bowled a 52, but that's due to my frustration around frame 5. It was then that I started trying to skee-ball as many balls down the lane as possible before they were swept away. I didn't get yelled at until the 10th frame. Safe.

Here's a little story for you.

We arrived, and I was super excited to bowl. Look at the joy and wonderment on my face. I even bought new lucky-duck socks for the occasion.

Everyone got their shoes. Everyone's were the same.

Except mine. The kids pointed and laughed.

Peggy, the lovely birthday girl, came and whispered in my ear that things were going to be okay. Because as Strongbad says in my favorite Homestar Runner ever, "Every one is different, No two people are the same."

Spontaneous dancing ensued.

Happy Birthday Peg! I'm sorry I'm such a crappy candlestick bowler.


MishMyBelle said...

I need to try this candlestick bowling! I am loving your lucky duck socks!

Ju said...

actually, i believe i remember strong bad accurately, and the quote was:

"Everyone is different, no two people are not on fire."

Nat Attack said...

Julie: You are correct. I was going with the original book quote. But "no two people are not on fire" is most definitely more fun.

"Quincy is destroying San Antonio!"

Rachel said...

I love your silver stripe shoes...and being on fire.

Rachel said...

I went candlestick bowling once and I thought it was abnormally difficult. Why is that an east coast thing only? Weird.

"No two people are not on fire....awwwwww"

kendall said...

Natalie is being fangoriously devoured by a gelatinous monsterrrrr

called peer pressure. Don't give in! I kind of feel like this blog would also fit in very well with a blog from the 7th grade. That makes me a bit happy.
Love you!

onlychild09 said...

I think I usually bowl around 50 when I regular bowl so congrats are in order.

Lainey said...

Oh, Strongbad... we should hear more from him. Kendall's quote is the best.

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