Friday, August 03, 2007

Flashback Friday - BYU 4/5

Today is Friday. Whoop! I came to work prepared today. I've been wanting to post some Flashback photos for quite awhile now. But with my computer being on the fritz and most of my photos clutched in its unrelinquishing grasp, it's been a struggle. I'm forgoing the wordy lists of the last few Fridays and am here to present a photo list of my 4th and 5th years at the BY.

Most of my readers don't know me in this period of my life, back when blonde was blonde--so I'll give you a little walk through. I'll start with graduation and move backward in time. Some of the faces may look familiar...

April 2005 - My sister Alaina graduated with her Master's in Social Work the same day I graduated with my BA in Communications: Public Relations Emphasis, minors in English and Business. (Toot toot! That's my own horn... but if I could do it again, I would have picked Information Systems so my formal education could have been more applicable to the IT project management I've been doing since grad.) Somehow, I was one of those graduates whose hat didn't fit, slid back, and generally made the wearer look like a tool.

In between my ceremony and Lainey's, we stopped off at our most favorite drive-through drink station. I love the Maverick. We lived so close--Mel, Alicia* and I would make frequent stops.
The night before graduation. Half of us graduated the next day; all of us stayed up all night playing Jenga, doing the limbo, and various other "activities".

The weekend before it all ended, I cooked dinner at my Grandpa and Grandma W's house for the besties. Here's the girls taking a break in the blue room:
This was the night of the career fair. This was also one of three nights that Jamar and Jessica were "together." (Shout out to Erica who crossed the family/friends line!)
Melissa and I shared this really fabulous room in the Clover Haus. If you know either of us, you also know that we're not the most organized people. I was interning at Target at the time and would always bring home purchases that would stock-pile anywhere there was room. (My half of the room is conveniently missing from this photo--it's much worse.) Looking at my closet now, I realize I must have quadrupled my wardrobe in the last two years. Whoops.
September 2005 - Eating dinner at my favorite place on earth; The Texas Roadhouse.
The summers between Years 4 & 5, Mom, Ken, Mal and I lost a collective 100 pounds. It was pretty awesome. We jokingly called it the "Secret-Get-Thin-Summer." Look! A ward luau! April 2004 - Some people in our ward threw a 1920's speakeasy Monte Carlo formal. These boys in our ward went to the extreme and even staged a robbery/gun dual. I'd colored my hair in February, so this was the stages of dark brown washing out.
January 2004 - The friends went to Vegas for an extended weekend. We called it the "Friends Finale" but strangely enough, I'm still quite excellent friends with everyone who was on that trip (save the two girls, and two girls only who got married. The other seven of us are still kickin' around). Some people have asked to see my hair short--well here you go. Short. I know you didn't ask to see me wearing Mom Jeans, but that's just an added bonus. September 2003 - Nine months after meeting in Southridge Apartments, we kicked off our year with a BBQ in Rock Canyon Park. We call this our engagement photo. We've all changed a bit in the last 4 years, don'tcha think? Hair length, clothing selection, head size...
Pretty much I had a great 2 years. It can't be summed up in these 12 photos, but this is all I've got until the jaws of life open and I can get access to the full collection.

More Flashback Fridays to come. This is fun.

*Leesh--Oddly enough, I didn't have access to any of the photos you were in (that weren't smutty Year One Clover photos). I figured you'd forgive me. Well... I hope you'll forgive me.


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I guess I don't exist yet.

Kylee said...

This was a fantastic picture journey through time.

The Mathias' said...

I forgive you.

Oh, to go back in time...and be in more pictures with you!

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I love that shirt in the last picture. Originally it was mine. Any guess where it is?

Ryan + Erica said...

Um, looks like I gained a few pounds that summer...! You go, girls! Fun, fun blog, Nat!

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