Saturday, August 04, 2007

Almost Famous

It seems that Internet fads come in waves. I tend to gravitate towards the visually-based products. Last December, an application that compared your face to a database of random celebrities emerged and swept through the blogging community. You may remember my disastrous results.

This time around; I'm taking matters into my own hands. I will decide who I look like. MorphThing is this fascinating new site I found that will blend two faces together in a blows-my-mind-type application that was incredibly easy to use. I've spent my time today (Saturday, at work, so don't you dare judge me for one second) blending me with celebrities. It's the closest thing I'll ever be to famous.

You're supposed to use photos looking straight forward, no smile, no teeth, no hair, etc etc. This makes sense, but who has photos like this besides celebrities? Yagh, that's the equivalent of the Old Maid of photos. Here at work, I only had access to the photos below. This is why some of the blends are hazy or don't quite work.
Nat-Red Nat-Blonde

What makes this interesting is that I'm going to let you guess who I'm blended with. Most are pretty obvious I think (I can't decide if I've been looking at them too long or the program really does default to the celebrity face), but some of the look-a-likes I have to shake my head twice and try to figure out who the photo most resembles. To make it fair for the slower readers, only guess 3 or 4... we like to give everyone a chance. Take it away...

If I had a Babysitters, Bridge, or Book Club, these ladies would be A-list:

I am mildly intrigued by these woman and wouldn't mind trading places for awhile:

We did an excellent job rocking the celebrity gossip scene in 2005:
35 29 33

Ignore the eye-makeup and lipstick and these Hollywood Hunks and I could make beautiful babies:

Why is our skin tinged green? And the bleeding teeth are kind of creepy...

Which of our children would get beat up less at school:
A. 32 B. 31

Old Hollywood Glamour:
36 3

You can call me Apple:
11 24

And my absolute favorite....

So? Did you enjoy that? Do these even resemble me in the slightest? I've been staring at them the last few hours (thank you overtime pay), so I don't see it at all any more. Do you have a favorite? Do any freak you out beyond reason? Are you going to try this and post to your own blog (I hope so!)? Let the guessing begin....!


Sarah said...

Okay, I might have to check that out. The first time through, they looked more like you. But the more I look at them, the more I can see the celebrity. how do I guess? Say which is which? I'm just going to say some I know...

Liv Tyler,
Jennifer Aniston
Julia Roberts
and maybe Carrie Underwood

There's a couple more I know. I'm working on the rest.

I'm glad you are spending your day at work doing this to entertain the rest of us!

Rachel said...

I love your internet creativity!

Deming Brat said...

okay i am officially going to have nightmares of you and GW as one in the same...

i miss you- i never see you anymore and my heart aches at the thought.

MishMyBelle said...

Nat this was hilarious. I may just have to check out that site. I see a few familiar faces...

Jen Garner
Liv Tyler
Jen Aniston
possibly Courtney Cox

The male pictures cracked me up! Fun times at work :)

Lainey said...

I looked at this yesterday and then couldn't shake the thought of you as Matt Damon as I watched Bourne Ultimatum. Hilarious! That was the one that stuck out most to me.

Anonymous said...

toooooo creeeepy for meeeee. the stuff nightmares are made of. Once was enough. I got sucked in by the first few...slightly familiar Nettie...then cross GENDER Natalie hmmmmm....bad dreams acomin....I'm definately old school. Sorry!

Ju said...

ok- here are my guesses for each section. i think i should win a prize for how much work i'm putting into this...

babysitter club (from L-R):
top row:
Reese Witherspoon
Carrie Underwood
bottom row:
Christina Aguilara
Julie Roberts

trading places (from L-R):
top row:
Kirsten Dunst
Sarah Michelle Gellar
bottom row:
Courtney Cox
Liv Tyler

celebrity gossip (L-R):
Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
Jennifer Aniston

the dudes (L-R):
top row:
Matt Damon
Tom Cruise
Brad Pitt (again?)
bottom row:
Hugh Grant
Jared Leto

bleeding teeth:
President Bush

beat up at school:
the answer is B (and I don't know who either of those are but they're horrible)

old hollywood:
Audrey Hepburn
Marilyn Monroe

Gwenneth Paltrow
Chris whatshisface from Coldplay

Xaioling Zhang or some other type of asian actress name.

Nat Attack said...

Wow Julie -- bringin' the heat!

For the record, Matt Damon does NOT exist in the boys. (or Jen Garner, Hugh Grant or Tom Cruise)

All other guesses have been correct.

Keep up the good work friends!

stephanielynn said...

I only have time for the first group, but here are my guesses:

1. Reese Witherspoon (I stole that from Julie, I had no idea.)
2. Carrie Underwood
3. JLo
4. Jessica Alba
5. Christina Aguilara
6. Leah Remini
7. Brittany Snow
8. Julia Roberts

Nat Attack said...

Steph--AMAZING guesses. Seven of eight. Remember how I hate King of Queens? Would I really use Leah?!

Hint: the skin color should give it away as No.7 is BLACK.

stephanielynn said...

I didn't know you hated King of Queens (so do I)....Could it be Tyra Banks?

Nat Attack said...

I'll throw yall a bone -- it's Beyonce. Holla!

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