Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good Morning Sunshine!

Buenos dias amigos!

This is Nat, coming at you live, from the HM building in the Back Bay with this morning's news. The time is 8:15, the sky is clear, the sun is shining, and it's shaping up to be a glorious day.

::Cue CCR and a video package of newspaper boys delivering papers, a woman hanging laundry, and a view of the city as the sun rises::

Some days I'm not even awake at this time. But not today. I am showered, hair blown-dry (I kind of forgot what that's like), fed, and at work. I wish I could say a new leaf has been turned, but I simply had an early start because of a 7AM breakfast date.

Tim and I broke bread this morning by dawn's early light. Eggs, toast, cheeseburgers, cokes--it was a delight. I was left with several research assignments:

#1 - what the love song supplier Delilah looks like. Tim thought for sure she would look like Judge Judy; I'm here to pronounce she does not.
#2 - a link again of Faith & Tim opening their show with a gorgeous "Chasing Cars" cover. (2:55, are you paying attention?)
#3 - in other Chasing Cars news, have you seen this mashup with the Police's "Every Breath You Take"? (For those who have YouTube blocked at work, here is the mp3.) It's pretty sick. The song is cleverly titled "Every Car You Drive."

Last night, I got the nicest email from my Grandpa. Those of you who know me well (or are related to me) know how much I love my sweet grandparents.

Hi Nat, Sure do miss your smiling face and wild stories. Hope you are enjoying the East but the West is not the same with out you...Think of you lots and hope things are going well for you. Be glad when you come home!!! Lots of Love GGGG.
This week is already moving strong. Celtics lottery planning tonight, birthday party tomorrow, dinner on Thurs, Clayton in on Friday, Whale Watching, Duck Tour, Fenway tour, Aquarium on Saturday, and on and on and on. I'm sure you'll hear all about it; whether you want to or not.

And on the quick TV front: ONE week til my Season 1 Friday Night Lights gets here. Ohhhh I can hardly wait. The Hills last night was a-mazingly ridiculous as always (did I maybe have a tiniest bit of pity for Heidi? Read the funniest recaps in the world of eps 1 and 2.). Yes, I was part of the 17.24 million people who watched the premiere of High School Musical 2. It was insanely cheesy, and another guilty pleasure to add to my growing list--it's still on the DVR should you be interested. Casting news: HIGH--My girlfriend Veronica Mars (aka Kristen Bell) has been cast on Heroes; LOW--Kevin Federline will rock a multi-episode arc on my guilty-guilty pleasure show One Tree Hill. If you're a TV watcher and a blog lurker (I can think of a good handful of you who are both) -- check out this blog. My favorite line of the month re: James Marsden (Corny Collins) in Hairspray: "And James Marsden, omg, I've never seen him have this much fun on screen! He's always playing guys who are losing their women to Wolverine or Superman or Ryan Gosling." If you don't get the references, you probably don't need to check out said blog.

Okay! 8:40 am! A blog with 16 external links! The time I usually catch the bus! Have I given you enough to do?! Too many exclamation points! Closing... ... .. !


Lainey said...

AAAAAA! Veronica Mars on Heroes! What could be better? (Other than a repeat of season one-snarkiness).

I wish I had time to check out all those external links... you make me tired. Maybe later tonight after sweetheart is in bed.

Rachel said...

it's amazing how on top of things you are.

Carly said...

How did I fail to ask you about High School Musical 2 last night at dinner?! I want to see this, so if you're serious about it still being on your DVR, I'm coming over! :)

Tapperfan said...

Can I be completely honest with you?! I felt a tad bit of sympathy for Heidi last night as well - and I hated that about myself - I absolutely hated it.

"It's a surprise"?! Honestly!

kendall said...

I have been so very excited about Kristen being on Heroes, I even called Becki to tell her.
I only wish it was for forever.

~T~ said...

I love Nat and hate Delilah!
Thanks for waking up so early to have breakfast with me!

Jan said...

Wow! I didn't know it was possible for you to be THAT chipper so early in the morning. Good for you! Wish I could have been there/seen that...

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