Thursday, August 16, 2007

SJ is the new CZJ

I can't stop blogging this morning. Apologies.

Two days ago, I blogged about the most addicting game ever.

This morning, after a day break from the game, I returned fresh; my mind clear and my hands calm.

I broke the 30 mark! Just wanted to share... this is the question I chose incorrectly. Talk about a hard one! When two-seemingly even celebrities are matched, I typically choose the celebrity my parents would be more familiar with.

Buzzzzzzzz. Wrong.


Linda said...

catherine zeta-jones right? (I SUCK at this game)

Nat Attack said...

LINDA. Can you PUh-LEEZE tell the world how you got a 41? A 41?!?!? That tears my previous record of 31 to shreds. SHREDS!

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