Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Confession #24

If you've been on at all today (thank you homepage), you will see this banner:

Last Friday night, I was flipping channels and found 20/20. My only previous experiences with 20/20 was when it used to come on after the last sitcom on ABC's TGIF.

"Good Evening, I'm Hugh Laurie."
"And I'm Barbara Walters."
"And this is 20/20."

Remember that? Okay good.

Well, there I was, flipping channels. 20/20 with news anchors I've never seen or heard before.

A special on the outliers of human height. Tall and small. It was fascinating. The lives of a 3'10" woman and her family (husband is a dwarf, adopted Romanian daughter is a dwarf, 10-year-old biological son is not a dwarf) were juxtaposed with a 7'8" giant who was five feet tall by the time he was 3. (For the record, he is only 1 inch shorter than the world's tallest man.)
To see how they work and live and adapt in American culture was incredible. When 20/20 brought the dwarf mom and the world's tallest woman (7'7"!) together, I may have shed a tear.

I was fascinated by this program. Want to see more photos? Read more about it? This stuff will blow your mind.

And this is why I'm a geek. Telling people to look up 20/20 spots. But at least I'll fess up to it.


Kylee said...

How random is this--I was just flipping stations the other night and I came across the same 20/20 and was so interested in the show--I actually wanted to see the Discover Channels full versions of the clips they showed on 20/20.

Small world that we both watched that random 20/20 and both were fascinated by it.

Can you belive the part where the "giant" women meets the "little" women and they are talking about how different they are. Amazing!

Nat Attack said...

Ha! That's hilarious!

SEE people?! It was VERY entertaining...

Rachel said...

Interesting! I wish I could have seen it.

That's a good would-you-rather question...would you rather be really really tall or really really short? I can't decide!

Minnesota Fan said...

Hugh Laurie was on "20/20?" Does that mean Hugh Downs is the guy on "House?"

Nat Attack said...

HAHAHA. David, I'm an idiot aren't I? I even knew it was Hugh Downs...

I have House on the BRAIN lately! (DVR is catching me up on the early Season #3 eps I missed.)

Thanks for the catch!

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