Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Once in a Lifetime

Back in November, this blog became an interactive venue. To ward off a boring afternoon or two, the readers of my blog (that's you, commenters and cyber-lurkers alike) were asked to guess the color of the Starburst I was eating. How entertaining was this? Apparently, enough to warrant two--count them, one, two--days worth.

I shant stoop to you guessing my Starburst color again. (Though this served a dual purpose in proving who really knows the miniscule details of my rather boring existance.) Instead, I will create another opprotunity for you, the readers of my blog (that's you, commenters and cyber-lurkers alike) to take a gander at the photo below:

All looks surprisingly normal**, no? This is Kylee and I at dinner last Saturday night for our roommate Marianne's birthday. (Yes, we're at Joe's. What what!)

Review this photo. Contained within its pixilated details is something I can't remember having done, photoed, or attempted in at least the last five years. To lighten this Wednesday afternoon, I will literally mail 5 dollars cash money and a poem to the commenter to point out the detail.

Two clues:

  1. It's not that I'm wearing my glasses (though this could almost be the case -- as I wear my glasses once, every other year).
  2. It's not that I have a seemingly stumpy arm.

I can't give many more details beyond that. I have no idea if someone will get it. I have no idea if anyone will guess. All I know is it's a boring afternoon, and like I ask myself almost every time I'm about to publish a post, "Why the heck not?"

Ready. Set. Go.

**For those of you have been asking to see the downward turning smile##, there you go. I told you, it's not a frown; but how else do you describe it? It's obviously sloping down!

## It is impossible for me to create this smile on the spot. This is why I stopped smiling and started open mouthing.


onlychild09 said...

YAY! I'm first. Well i am a little confused by the question but it kind of looks like you colored you eyebrows? I don't know but I could really use $5 right now.

kendall said...

Dang, my guess was the glasses.

stephanielynn said...

I was going to say glasses as well so I'm glad you counted that out.

My next guess is the earrings. Do you normally wear earrings?

Alicia said...

Haven't worn yellow in five years?

I dig your stumpy arm. All 8 inches of it.


BC said...

It's definately the camouflaged yellow outfit you are sporting. ta da. and goodbye

Ryan + Erica said...

Did I detect a hint of green I shadow? Maybe it's that...but then again, maybe you do that everyday out there on the east coast!

Ryan + Erica said...

(By the way, I love you, Mal. "I don't know but I could really use $5 right now" really made me laugh.)

stephanielynn said...

I know this is my second gues so it may not count...but I just love your blogger games! Did you part your bangs on the other side? I've parted my hair on the opposite side two days in a row now and it feels so strange!

spoonfulL said...

dang-it! i was going to say you parted your hair differently! that's what i get for not being on the ball when it comes to checking your blog.

MishMyBelle said...

My guess is that you smiled for the picture, instead of the standard open mouth pose?! Man, I've grown so accustomed to that pose, it almost isn't a natalie picture!! Miss you.

Lainey said...

WOW! Your smile really does turn down! That's amazing!

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