Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Burning Question

I'm a sucker; I clicked on this link. Because inquiring minds want to know the answers to these burning questions... I was disappointed to find this link to MSN's Live Earth page and how Evangelical Christians weigh in on Greenery. Blah blah blah. I didn't even read the article. Instead, I compiled my own list. Feel free to add:

Cars Jesus Might Have Driven

  • Chevy Capurnum
  • Hummer day3
  • Porsche Parable
  • Dodge Nazareth
  • Jeep Samaritan
  • Honda Reward
  • Kolobvan
  • Mercedes Miracle
  • Resurrection Rover
  • Honda Spiritual
  • Jeep Jericho
  • Dodge Disciple*
  • Ford Fasting

Cars Jesus Wouldn't Have Driven

  • Volvo Vice
  • Pontiac Pilot
  • Honda Civic
  • Range Roman
  • Mercedes Sinz
  • Dodge Goat*
  • Mazda 666*
  • IsuJew*

And surely, he drove a Hyundai on Sunday.



Ju said...

pontiac pilot? brilliant. seriously brilliant.

well, no one's gonna top that...

Nat Attack said...

Maybe no one else is as worried about appearing as sacrelig as I am... yikes. Is this post out of line?

kendall said...

Natalie, he drove a Hybrid. Save the earrrrrrrrrrrth.

Mooney said...

Amusing list for sure. But in all seriousness Jesus would drive an International Scout or a Volkswagen Gremlin.

Rachel said...

Hilarious! I like it!

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