Friday, July 13, 2007

Two Lions & a Nine

No one is blogging today. I had to resort to reading strangers' blogs. For the record, this is not nearly as entertaining as reading your own flesh and blood people's. I decided to write, this giant blog of nothingness, when I remembered that hit phrase "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." Enjoy people. It's Friday.

Not important enough to warrant its own blog:

  • I'm listening to the 4th book of the Summer of the Traveling Pants on my iPod during my commute. I'm only allowed to listen to it if I'm walking, on the bus, on the T, or waiting. Interestingly enough, I don't mind the commute nearly so much (these books also make me happy). Listening to audio books is a very strange thing however--I'm inherently a very fast reader mainly concerned with plot and little for detail. Being forced to listen, at a slower pace than most people speak was a habit I had to learn my first few chapters. I assume I look gravely concerned on the bus and the T; my brow furrowed and my eyes staring but unseeing out the window.
  • My new building in the Back Bay is fairly secure. You need your ID badge to get up the elevator, onto your floor once you take the elevator--and even in the stairs there are swipe zones. Being tall has its advantage however, and the swipe pads are right at hip level--where my ID badge is ever so nicely clipped. I don't have to worry about clipping, unclipping, clipping, unclipping; I'm the girl who gets to hip bump the wall.
  • My new cube is exactly (hold on, I'm going to count) (okay I'm back) eleven steps from the bathroom. (Yes, I really did just go count, and yes, I'm sure I looked rather silly.)
  • The employee cafeteria sells 20 ounce sodas for $1.25 and the vending machine sells 12 ounce cans for $.75. Being that I now work in college math textbooks, I decided to figure out which purchase was giving me more bang for my buck. I got out my pencil, formulated my equations and believe it or not the price per ounce is exactly the same. Boo! I was trying to take my 6th grade math and apply it to daily living. I wanted some kind of productive result dang it!
  • I haven't done much at work this week (can you tell by the sheer volume of posts?). Believe it or not, I'm coming in tomorrow (Saturday) to work a half day. Hello overtime I don't deserve but will gladly take.
  • Check out this hilarious blog Kendall sent me about some guy and his conversations with his crazy roommate. It's best if you start at the beginning.
  • Saw HP5 last night with a slew of people. It. Was. Awe-some! For those of us who have a stake in Harry's pure existence (the purists who don't just see the movies but read the books as well), the ending was wrenching on so many levels. I will hit the Target on the way home and purchase HP6 (the book) to read before next Friday when HP7 (the book) comes out. WILL HARRY LIVE OR DIE!? Yikes. I can hardly wait.
  • A year ago this weekend Mel, Nici and I went to Vegas with Joe, Jason and Jamar to stay at Nate's house. It was probably my favorite trip of the summer.
  • All of H&M's sale stuff is buy one get one free. I purchased three dresses, three skirts, a shirt, two hats, and a purse for $48. I can get on board with that idea. Especially considering how muggy it's been here lately...
  • I visited Rachel at her salon on my lunchbreak today. It's FUN being close to friends. We walked to Wendy's, purchased food for her coworkers, and then I walked her back. I dined at Burger King and listened to my book.
  • Kendall also passed me this link about submitting a YouTube video resume to be P. Diddy's assistant. Votes on if I should give it a try for a few kicks and giggles?
  • How do I write so much about nothing? It just comes out. Wow. And the funny thing is that I could keep going and going and going... I'm sure this has a lot to say about me, and this thought just hit me--I don't feel like I talk very much here in Boston. I mean I jib-jab and discuss circumstantial hoo-haw with people, but I don't verbally brain dump very often. I'm thinking I write the inconsequential matters down because they bounce around until I expel them. Thanks for supporting my expulsion method.

Good job Nat! You got... two lions and a nine.


kendall said...

So dear Joe (my nickname for JK Rowling because we're BFF's) has said that some people will absolutely loath the 7th book. That means Harry is probably going to die. I cry a little on the inside at this.

Lainey said...

I think I might print this out for our family. Because the number one question I heard today when hanging out with the GG clan and the RC clan was, "How is Natalie doing? What is Natalie up to? Is she liking her job? Has she seen Harry Potter yet? Do you think she's doing ok?"

They need to make an elderly-friendly version of blogger.

And I had a new blog, you didn't comment or perhaps even visit it. Boo. And they're related to you, even if you don't know who they are.

AND I'm STILL LAUGHING at hip-bumping the wall.

Rachel said...

I agree, resorting to reading strangers' blogs is never as much fun.

i LOVE the crazy roommate blog!

Ju said...

i vote nat for the next p-diddy assistant. just remember the little people when you become rich and famous, k?

Anonymous said...

ah nettie,
my most favorite kind of blog from you..........and I loved the hip bump, too!

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