Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Liquid Movement

I'll admit. I've posted this video already. But it cracks me up! I haven't seen it since October, and have been rolling in my seat just now rewatching. Stephanie and I used to try to "dance out" our favorite moves.

Seconds 51-47 are still my favorite. (Boo. This one counts down instead of up.)

I'll ask again: is he a little person or a child? Then, comment your favorite "oddity" of the video. I'll start.

This video is crazy odd because Menudo is making an appearance in a Bollywood video.


stephanielynn said...

I'm currently wiping tears from my eyes because this video is so hilarious.

My favorites: 1:11-1:09 and :51-:49

Too me the oddest part of the video is that no one knows whether he is a little person or a child.

Lainey said...

I am officially creeped out. What the-!? I think it's a child. If it were a little man his proportions would be way different. And voice tone. But creepy! What the heck IS this VIDEO!?

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