Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rewards & Requests

$100 cash money to the person who recovers my phone. The call logs indicate I still have it somewhere. But there's a craaaaaaaaaazy mystery surrounding the whole thing that boggles even the mind of the T-Mobile workers. Only the randomest for the random...

Meanwhile, I literally don't have any one's phone number. I remembered exactly five phone numbers. Home, Dad's Cell, Krista, Jamar, and Alaina. I know quite a few more than five people. Like maybe eight. Ten on a good day.

Shoot me a text with who you are and I'll save you--or shoot me an email and I'll enter it manually, the old fashioned way.

In other, completely unrelated news, my roots are growing in so fast and look totally weird. In fact, I look dandruffy. Or like I'm greying. Maybe I am. It's been a good week. Pregnant, dandruffy and grey. Sounds like a good country song huh?


Anonymous said...

Somewhere you gotta work a MAN in there...THEN you'll have the makings of a great country western song.

Rachel said...

let's do your hair. 801-856-4216

Rachel said...

Ahahah...sounds like a great country song to me. Sorry about your phone!

Special K said...

We are totally true friends. I could never forget your number out of the hundreds of entries.

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