Tuesday, June 12, 2007

At Last

Today, I got confirmation of what is rapidly becoming the best news of my summer. Nate, Joe, and Dave have officially bought their tickets to spend the 4th of July with me in B-Town.

Here we all are at my Birthday Disco Skate Extravaganza:

All with me....... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The party of eager anticipation will continue inside my stomach for the next two and a half weeks until they're here. I don't get giddy very often, but I am kind of enjoying it!


spoonfulL said...

do you have any friends who aren't hot? hello! welcome to boston friends of nat! ;)

peggy, margaret, whatever said...

welllll helllloo... my name is (drool)...ummm... i'm sorry what was the question?

can't wait to meet your friends nat!

MishMyBelle said...

That will be fun Nat! What are you guys going to do?! Wish I could be there!

Lainey said...

OH FUN! Are those boys coming just to meet girls? And you, of course?

Nat Attack said...

MAybe some of both? :)

But from what I hear, on ALL counts, the 4th of July is the absolute BEST time to be in Boston. So why not now?

Whits said...

Who's the guy on the left. Totally hot. (I mean they all are...)! Sad I'm not going to be there. Boston really IS the best on the 4th. *sigh*

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