Monday, June 25, 2007

The Way Life Should Be

The motto affixed to every Maine state sign is "Maine: The Way Life Should Be." I kind of like that.

Check out the photo on your right. Doesn't that look like the way life should be?

Now back to the travel log.

Jenni invited some of us to her parents' vacation home on Square Pond in Maine. How cool is this--the house is actually on an island that can only be reached by ferry. Treasure Island has no cars, and everything (even building materials to build new homes! trash! women and children!) has to be sent over on the baaaaarge.

Julie, Joseph, Kylee and I were only in Maine 24-hours but made the most of it by partying like rock stars. Here's J-rad and I on the boat.

We boated, we swam, we sat out, we walked the island loop, we read trashy magazines, we played Phase Ten (yes! all 10 phases! yes! no one quit! yes! i won!), we laughed, we ate, we drank Cherry Coke Zeros, we slept, we felt the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces, we had a grand time.

Side note: Being back in Maine, especially driving on the windy roads at night totally flashed me back to Summer 2003 when I was a camp counselor in Maine. I haven't even opened the can of stories yet on that one. Be prepared for stories about the summer I spent picking lice. Rock on.

Side note dos: When I said "windy" above, I meant "wine-dy" like wine-dy roads. Not roads that have wind. A co-worker of mine and I have been discussing the spelling and aren't quite sure what it should be. I guess I could just google it, but what's the fun? But really, windy? Windy? Streets with winde? Wine-d? Is windy (wine-dy) the adverb of to wind (wine-d)? Whined? Ah! Why am I getting caught in a word trap? Where are my copywriter friends?!

Long story short, if this is the way life is supposed to be, sign me up.


kendall said...

Cherry Coke Zeros....soo good.

peggy, margaret, whatever said...

i have always said that MAINE is God's favorite place on earth... just looking at your pics proves my theory.

by the way, you make a stunning sassy dorothy!

Linda said...

I'm so sad I missed the trip!! Perhaps I can beg a plead and convince Jenni to go wanna go again?

Lainey said...

You didn't try Windee. Or Windeigh. Hahahaha... so contemporary.

EMALMADA said...

Hello from Almada - Portugal
Have a nice day

Rachel said...

You know Maine is the greenest state out of all of them. It probably is a very nice place.

You spent a summer picking lice? I want to hear stories from that!

HEY and i like phase 10. Good job playing all 10 phases.

Mooney said...

Paul McCartney can help you out of your word trap...

The Long and Winding Road.

Nat Attack said...

Even still though, did he mean wine-dy, or win-dy?

English is weird.

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