Monday, June 04, 2007

In Addition

Shalom friends.

In addition to the tragedy that has befallen my life of late, my cell phone is MIA; most likely KIA.

Hence, I am relatively unreachable on nights and weekends when I'm not at work and far from a computer (which is freakishly broken right now too).

I am not avoiding your calls or texts. I love you. Shoot me an email, gChat me, or send me some love through a comment.

I need a hug. And a stiff Diet Coke.


stephanielynn said...

Nat that sucks! I was wondering why I hadn't heard from you since the text about Alton's spaghetti strap tank tops (which I made a point to pay attention to this weekend and you make a good point).

I really love your phone so I hope you find it soon.

Kylee said...

and if you want to reach Natalie on nights or the weekend until she gets s new phone (sad) or finds her phone (happy) you can always call my phone and I will connect you to her.

Anonymous said... you ever think maybe you should attempt to become more regimented in your lifestyle where a + b = c therefore all things should be more normal less surprising, uneventful(therefore less stressful...)mayhap the payoff would be worth it!

Nat Attack said...

Hey! I was giving SERVICE when I lost my phone. Does that mean I should cut it out of my life?

Sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

hey kinobud, without these eventful happenings Nat has no blog, and you haven't a steady dose of funny things to hear about your wonderful child.

Lainey said...

My phone rang at 11:30 last night and a heavily accented voice from Alamo Car Rental asked me if I knew whose # this was, as the phone was found inside a car. I got so excited that it was yours until he told me he was in Hawaii. SO, I have NO idea who from area code 818 has my name saved in their phone and it's kinda creeping me out.

onlychild09 said...

diet cokes fix everything

Rachel said...

It has to stop raining in your life soon, right? Let's try to communicate telepathically...what am I thinking right now? If you said how much I love you and how much I love diet coke and how much we need to hang out, you're right.

spoonfulL said...

sister, we are so communing in phoneless misery! AND i am sick! (somehow, i feel this deepens the connection. mayhap due to your recent extended illness??)

and although diet coke is not highly recommended when sick, i say the miracle bubbles eat away at the throat illness, thereby cleansing the sick nasty from my precious bod. right?

hmmm... we need to chat more tomorrow...

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