Tuesday, July 06, 2010

O Canada

Back to the Real World is the name of today's game. In more crybaby ways than you can imagine, but none so important as the fact it's a 95-degree Boston summer day, and the AC is out on our floor. The 11th floor. And only our floor. We're insulated to some degree, but it's still a harsh reminder of how vacation is over.

Oh wow. And a vacation it was. Sixty-six hours door to door, and you won't believe all we did and everywhere we went in those 66 hours. I'm still processing all of it and will surely have more to say. How could I not? I basically spent 3 days in France by way of Canada.

Everything was supreme about our trip to Montreal, including the following:


We hiked, we ate, we danced, we told stories, we read, we made food, we drove (and drove [and drove]), we rode gondolas, we tried to learn French, we fell in love with the front desk reception girls, we photoed, we rode bikes, we lit sparklers on the deck, we talked about why we loved America, we swam, we played games... and more!

Now if it could just hurry up and long weekend again soon, that'd be great, thanks.


B said...

best trip ever.

D said...

Amen. Thanks for planning everything!

Mallory Jan said...

Nat the pictures look fantastic. I'm glad you had such an awesome 4th. The one time I was in Canada for one day all I wanted was for someone to sing me "Oh Canada". I got the rugby team we played to sing it for us. It was pretty sweet. Loves

kinbud said...

wow...sounds divinely fun. Lots to do, see, be with.

Cheri said...

What a lucky girl (or very smart girl) to take such fun trips! Wish I had your energy. XOX

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