Monday, February 28, 2011

a whole host of verbs

's this thing on?

For the official digital record I had full plans to do a monster brain dump yesterday. Instead, I washed my sheets, rotated my mattress (ohhh the perils of sleeping alone and indenting one side of the mattress enough that there's a noticeable dip and the funny and self-deprecating things that could be said but won't be said so YOU'RE WELCOME.), ate too much candy while watching the Oscars, talked myself out of being annoyed when too many people were talking during the broadcast, gave two thumbs up to the PF Chang's food now served in the frozen food section and the sweet and sour chicken that can be yours for $5.99 if you're 12-minutes worth of patient and know how to use a stovetop, wondered aloud why I'm shedding so much hair, couldn't stop laughing when my pew-mate said "Master the Tempest is Raging" sounds like a song Mary Poppins would sing and then all song-productivity was shot, looked at pictures on f-book and realized none have been taken in the throwaway months known as January and February, had good intentions to write quite a few (long overdue) Thank You cards, concocted an outfit that was 1 part Black Swan and 2 parts True Grit, and popped enough popcorn to keep the apricot trees from striking.

So you see, there really just wasn't enough time to blog. But soon.

If you would like to see some legitimate writing I've done of late, there's always this. Which is, in part, one of the reasons I don't have as much time to blog.

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Rachel Eve said...

I miss your blog! We don't hear from you as much. PF Changs is now in the frozen food section? That's pretty exciting. I wish I could've watched the Oscars with you. Love and miss you!

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