Sunday, October 30, 2011


I kind of always forget that I love Halloween until it's time to come up with costumes. Might I present this year's selection.

Sexy Ghost
(Yup, that's a terrible, awful, no-good snowstorm in Boston in October. Thanks nature.)

*I started calling Halloween "Halls" in 2007 when it seemed like Julie and I discussed the holiday on instant message non stop. Got tired of writing the whole thing and it's kind of stuck. To date, I think she's the only one's familiar with this term. Now you all are too. Spread it like it's true.


Cheri said...

I've been waiting for you to update! Hope all is going well! I like "Halls". I'll be eating pizza, a caramel apple, drinking apple cider, and passing out candy to trick or treaters! XOX

Mallory Jan said...

Sexy ghost is my favorite! And I am beginning to think that you like to paint your whole face. Remember last year's costume? Anyway, you are beautiful and oh so creative!

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