Friday, October 23, 2015

Guess who's back, back again?

Remember when everyone used to blog? And we had to tell our stories mostly with words? Those were the days. Earlier this week I took a spin through my last few blog posts and I was like, "Nat! You used to be such a good writer!"

Now the bulk of the writing I do is for work emails. #progress

(Also, hashtags. They're a thing now.)

But I'm thinking about bringing blogging back! Because a lot has changed since I gave up documenting my life three years ago--and that's a dark hole my memory will only be able to remember in photo, which is kind of sad, because I'm a words person!

And now I have a husband! And a house! And full fledged adult responsibilities that require a level of adulting I'm sure has been misplaced (managing a team! managing two sets of full-time missionaries with my ward mission leader husbot!), but I'm doing the best I can.

Because I'll never, ever, ever get back together with the ins and outs of the last three years, this video of Paul and my first 14 months together will have to try and cover some of the distance. 

Someone else join me in bringing blogging back!


stephanielynn said...

This made my day.
If I were to request one person to bring blogging back from the dead, it would be you.

NatAttack said...

I will try my hardest Steph. YOU come back too!

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Wahoooooo! Yes please please please!

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