Monday, January 11, 2016

The first married-life, pre-baby, post-weekend brain dump in the history of NatA!

It's embarrassing how the most inconsequential things make me feel like I'm winning at adulthood. Especially when said 'win' was something I've avoided doing for several years, where it's had a permanent place on my To Do list. I'm talking of course, about cleaning out the bathroom cupboards and drawers. Both of them. What a sweet sense of relief to have that terrible job completed.

In addition, we also sorted through the latest tidal wave of stuff deposited in the baby's room/spare room and the gym. Fantastic to be able to see and navigate the floors again; a bit disheartening to know that the contents of both closets have to be completely flipped. And once we're ready to assemble the nursery... yikes. We've got some furniture figuring out to do.

[Sidenote: I'm determined to complete so many house things while I'm feeling good and before the baby comes. Every thing I've read/heard indicates you won't get a thing done during maternity leave, and knowing how lazy I am clearly that sounds like the dream.]

This legitimately might be the most boring blog post of all time. I'm sorry. How about a photo of some of the wonderful wares purchased in Meridian, Idaho of all places? We stopped for the night both to and from Utah for the holidays and found ourselves with several hours to burn (trying to avoid the ghetto-ness of our $60/night rooms). Both trips held the exact same evening itinerary. Texas Roadhouse, Hobby Lobby for nursery prints, Marshalls/TJ Maxx for baby clothes. We hit the jackpot on the way home. These three outfits are Baby Girl's first stylized outfits.

Also this weekend? There were a few Blazers tickets floating around the office late Friday and knowing A) the visiting team (Golden State) is good and B) our time of being free and easy is coming to an end, I scooped them up. Paul came to my end of town where we had a quick happy hour nacho/bean dip deliciousness of a dinner (made even more fantastic by the fact we've been eating crazy healthy since the new year) and then braved the traffic and cold to get to the Moda Center for the Blazers Game.
We had a really great time enjoying the atmosphere, sitting for 99.9% of the game (bless the fact that our seats have no one in front of them and a bar on which to rest your feet), and just talking/laughing together. Oh, and planning out how we'd spend the Powerball lottery winnings should we win them.  It's very important to have this stuff figured out before your life changes forever you see.

And now that we have 9:00 church the wide expanse of Sunday afternoon is this delicious thing that typically includes stretchy pants, naps, TV, food, calling-related tasks, and anything else our little hearts desire. Though I loathe waking up 'early', I won't lie about how nice that afternoon is. This Sunday was made extra special by a [TMI ALERT!] 24-hour urine collection I had to complete for a test because though I'm having the easiest pregnancy of all time there's a random hiccup every now and then that requires some attention. (In this case, protein in my last urine test which may require a kidney specialist OR might mean I simply didn't drink enough water before my last test; which duh, my vote is on the latter.)

Shall we call this a weekend brain dump? Okay!

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Nettie Martin said...

I'm DYING over your little girls outfits (especially the pink scallop top!). Do anything and everything now. Both times on my maternity leave I had high hopes of getting house projects done. Our kitchen backsplash has yet to be installed :)

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