Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"streetlight people; living just to find emotion"

I'm not quite sure how, but the song "Don't Stop Believin" has become a song I'll always associate with my time in Boston. I have countless memories with this song--from Christmas Galas to secular outings at the bar, to a recent going away dinner for one of my besties. This song always makes people happy.

How can I not be completely enamored with the version below? A song I love--the memories and feelings it provokes complete with a High School Musical-ness setting? (For the record, this is from the show Glee on Fox) I can't get enough. This song makes me feel like anything is possible.

{{UPDATE: Video removed. Go to YouTube and search it. You won't be sorry!}}

Now whoooooooooo has a "Don't Stop Believin" story they'd like to share?


j said...

This year at a University of Utah football game (against TCU), the marching band played "Don't Stop Believing" as part of their halftime show. At the end of the game, Utah made an amazing comeback, and throughout I kept scream-singing the song in a terribly hoarse voice. Great memories. :)

Jody said...

I've had this song running through my head ever since I saw the pilot. I've watched the entire thing again with Connor just because I liked it so much. Excellent choice for a song association.

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