Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tangle of the ordinary

  • I spent quite a few hours in bed this weekend starting and finishing a summer beach read.
  • Finally got the three piles of clothing put away from my room after them being arranged and rearranged more times than I care to count since May. Having a great friend chatting with you makes even the worst tasks manageable.
  • I hauled out the card making supplies and churned out twenty cards I'm pretty pleased with.
  • My Gram is the queen of three minute phone calls. Today, she talked my ear off for thirteen. It. Was. Awesome.
  • Kendall and Josh's engagment photos. They're just so adorable. Both sets; here and here.
  • Our ward met in our permanent temporary (1-year) home for the first time today. The meeting rooms are quite lovely; here's hoping we can get the sound working right in the chapel soon! (Kudos for the forethought to sit in the third row.)
  • After church, Linda and I somehow managed to throw quite the spread together to host a handful of people watching the French Open's championship game. I think we were both surprised by the supplies we had in the fridge. Including shrimp! Gosh I love shrimp. Ask my family; I (unsuccessfully) request it for most events.
  • I'm obsessed with frozen yogurt now. Obsessed. With strawberries and coconut on top. (Kudos to the forethought to purchase extra on Saturday so I could eat it on Sunday.)
  • Three people told me they like the shaggy mullet.
  • One person told me I've lost weight. Not asked, but told.
  • I finally wrote and launched the first ward newsletter (Boom! Magnified!). Also finished the 2008 Ward History (Boom! Magnified!). Taking a break to blog before I read the Relief Society lesson I'm teaching on Sunday.
  • I caught up on some TV shows this weekend that are too embarrassing to admit on this blog; but I loved every second of watching. Any guesses as to what show? Most of you probably know actually.
  • Linda and I spent quite a bit of time lounging on one or the other of our beds chit-chatting and catching up on the happenings. We do really get along so well; it's most helpful.
If this is the most boring blog I've ever written, good. I'm supposed to be delighting in the joy of the mundane--the lines between the dots. It was a good, productive, non-eventful (but very fulfilling) weekend.


Whits said...

Greek and Secret Life of the American Teenager

Nat Attack said...

Ohhh--so it's embarrasing to watch shows on ABC Family! Ha! Hilarious. I do watch Greek, but neither of these are the referenced guilty pleasures.

colleenita said...

Next time I need to clean something, I'm going to invite you over. :)

ju said...

Oh, so the 2 hour conversation we had about nothing wasn't worth a mention? Guess that's not the kind of mundane in which you delight.


kendall said...

I liked this blog, very very much. I mean, it calls me BY NAME. And I'm in love with BOOM! Magnified!

Maaaaybe some Gossip Girl watching?

Alaina said...

I like this blog. And thanks for directing traffic my way :)

Jan said...

I love your finding joy in the mundane...most of life is mundane!

Jan said...

P.S. Oh yay! We'll put you in charge of bringing the shrimp next time.

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