Thursday, April 14, 2011

brevity is best

I think about wanting to write more all the time.


And I think about ways to make it happen, the self-discipline I could and should subscribe myself to--to simply typing out whatever comes into my head at any given moment. But I hesitate, instead getting mentally bogged down in all the things I could and should be doing at any given moment. So instead, nothing happens. And I'm alternatingly frustrated and apathetic; the latter worrying me more than the former.

Truth be told, life this year has become fairly predictable. 90% of my life is filled with 90% of the same tasks. I'm sure it's that way for most people but my best writing comes in observing the world around me, and the world around me is contained by about a 2-mile radius. I have things I get passionate about, but of late, that writing has been elsewhere--The Digital Mountains where I write about what and why I believe, a letter written to myself in High School for my friend's Dear Me collection, and a post written about last month's Forbes Magazine cover person Clayton Christensen. You see, I write better when there's something to write about.

Wah wah, I know this isn't very interesting. But I forced myself to open a screen and start writing, and this is what came out. I'd like to be doing more of this in the future; let's just hope it's not always so maudlin, eh?

So you don't feel like reading to the bottom here was an utter waste of time, here's two book recommendations for you, both excellent page turners and opening at a theater near you in the next few months: Water for Elephants and One Day.

Also, Twitter and Facebook statuses are keeping my brain sharp. I think my 2011 slogan to date has been "Brevity is best." I should make a bumper sticker.


stephanielynn said...

1. I love when you blog! No matter what you say. I was elated to see this in my reader.

2. A picture of me is currently featured in "You might also like:" BONUS.

Kendall said...

I loved it. I understand that feeling of wanting to write but not really liking what comes out, frustrating, but good for you for writing! And I like your new layout.

K. Marie Criddle said...

DUDE. You know how much I LOVE your writing, therefore how much I applaud every time you even think to do so. Brevity is for suckers. Write more. I want to read more. :)

Nat Attack said...

You ladies are sweet. And just for you I've written again.

Marie. I shall tack up your quote on my wall.

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