Monday, April 25, 2011

To more photos! warmer weather! and homemade rolls!

Once upon a December a time, nary a post would pass that didn't feature some photos. Now it's all chitty chat chat all the time. I shall blame it upon the dreary months known as January, February, March, and (if you're in New England and the winter stretches especially long {which it does nearly ever year [and I should know since it's my 5th]}) April.

Can we pause for a moment of silence for that incredible display of parenthetical bracketing that just took place?

Slim to nothing happens in Q1. The sky is dreary, the skin is pale, and the winter hibernation has added a few bonus pounds to a troublespot or two. Nothing a titch of warmer weather or a holiday can't fix!!

It never ceases to amaze me that despite the weather predictions, Easter morning dawns sunny, warm and bright. (Side note: wrote another spiritual piece titled Travel dreams and 365-days of Easter that I'd love for you to check out.)

So, it was on this sunny, warm, bright, holi-day, that I decided the Winter of our DisconNotTakingPhotos would end. After church, decked in our unexpectedly new Easter dresses, Colleen and I headed down to the river to take in some sun and take a photo or two.

Par for my photo-taking course, most of my photos ended up like this:
While most of Colleen's ended up looking like this:
It's fine. She's the more photogenic of the two of us, but I'm the taller.

And then! For only the second time in my Boston history, I took part in an Easter potluck dinner with my Boston family. Our dinner had a roast beef and a leg of lamb and salads, and green beans, and potatoes, and a host of other goodies. And hold on to your hats when I tell you I made, from scratch and three frantic phone calls to my mom those dinner rolls you see below. I'm ready to take this show on the road now.
So there you have it. All kinds of things I don't often do. Photo well or bake. Here's to all of the thing listed in exclamation points above!


Mimi said...

Not photogenic, my bum! You look great! I loved your outfit. Might have to copy that one myself. And I want to eat that entire bowl of rolls right now. I hope they were as delicious as they look!

Erica said...

Sooo tempted to make rolls right now, and BEEN THERE with the frantic phone calls home. :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's always nice to get that kind of a nudge! Will blog as soon as I have something to talk about...

kinobud said...

Wait. Your rolls ALWAYS look like that. Did you like the lamb? We ate it at the neighbors it WAS really good.

Colleen said...

Those rolls were pretty much the greatest thing ever. I had three of them and wanted 8475947 more. I kept doing table gymnastics to fit more in. Mmm!

Colleen said...

Also, I love your new blog layout/design.

The Carlson Family said...



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