Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Celtics > Jazz

I can't debate the merits of one musical genre over the other, but when it comes to basketball, the Celtics played a more lively, up-tempo game while the Jazz looked discordant, out of harmony, and out of rhythm. Linda and I had such a blast--we even made it on the jumbotron! (Thanks green hats, you were easy to spot.) We celebrated the C's fifteenth win in a row with a late night Big Gulp and run to the Bell. The *perfect night for my last night in Boston.

And all that JAZZ

*Linda's was almost perfect, save the nachos she stepped in during the 4th quarter while having her photo taken. Sorry L.
**Sorry that photo of me is so big. Picasa collages (FTW!) are the greatest, but are sometimes a bit finicky about rotating out photos of manual sizes. I guess you'll have to deal with staring at my braids.

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Jan said...

I love the braids...and the green!

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