Monday, December 08, 2008


I'm getting behind. Actually, can it be considered "behind" if you haven't really started? Nonetheless, VE VILL SAIL ON. (Approximately one of you readers will get this reference.)

We went to the French Riviera. And Monaco. They were lovely, the weather was lovely, the grandest casino in the world was lovely (even if we'd been better off leaving the slots alone; you have to play in Monte Carlo, right? Right? That's what I told Alaina. She was a good sport.).

This was one of the two colorful days on our trip...


... little did we know the rain was coming...


Clark said...

It's amazing how you can get from your own blog to someone else's in just a few short clicks. (4, if you're counting.) Isn't the internet astounding?

Happy Birthday! =)

Alaina said...

Yay! You've started! Now I've got to keep up to stay ahead :) Those Pompeii photos are bogging me down. Wait maybe that's being a mom again. Regardless, here I am. And you chose spectacular photos to showcase our colorful day in VilleFRANGE. (What was colorful day #2? Pompeii/Amalfi?)

Alaina said...

PS your little layout is amazing. How do you DO that? It would take me ages in photoshop. Anyway.

ju said...

And again with the car. Oh my gosh, I really can't get over how funny that picture is.

kristaelise said...

oh you better believe i got the reference. two points.

Nat Attack said...

Um what Clark? I need to hear how we're connected -- small world.

Lainy -- Picasa 3. Collage upgrade FTW!

Krissy -- +2 for real.

Clark said...

1: Really? You know that many Clarks? I've met like 2 in my whole life. (And one more that spelled it 'Clarke', but that doesn't count.)

2: C'mon. My name is a little linky. This is the internet, let your clicking finger lead the way! It'll take you to my blog, which today has a nice discussion on normal and bimodal distributions.

3: I'll give you the clicking trail: my blog -> Shannon's blog -> Jen's blog -> Alaina's blog -> your blog. (That should be enough to figure out which Clark I am, if you're not going to take the easy way. An extra hint would be that I know each person in that chain.)

Nat Attack said...

Silly Clark. I knew WHO you were in a single click. I was just hoping you'd make it easy and tell me how you got to me so I didn't have to do the leg work. Mission Accomplished!

Once work clears and I my brain comes back from the brink of explosion, I shall begin to peruse your life.

Clark said...

Great, now you've got me wondering how else I could have found you. Some of you people out there aren't as easy to google as others of us. But it turns out that you #2 on google for:

"[first and last name]" nat [alma mater] -[sport someone with your name plays] blog

[bracketed items are removed in case you are attempting to keep your secret identity secret.]

But the far simpler search is to use your first and last name in quotes, your sisters name and your alma mater. You're #3 on that list, but there are only 7 total items.

On a personal note, if you go to the mexican google page and search of 'cathetometer' I'm #10. Or, if you search for "south of timbuku" I'm #2.

This is particularly interesting in that I have two friends from high school that I can't turn up on google no matter what I try. I must have made scores of attempts.

Alaina said...

Jen who? Shannon who? I'm honored to be part of the chain.

Nat - still photoshop. But I'm GOING to try Picasa now for a collage. Thanks.

Darci Kim said...

Its awesome that you guys could take a trip like that together. It looks like an AWESOME & fun trip. Plus you guys are like the most photogenic people ever... that always helps!

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