Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow place like home

Update: We had to shovel today. 6 inches snow, 1 inch ice, 8 more inches snow. (photos below)

Dear reader(s),

I'm not sure where your location is this time of the year, but let me tell you a little bit about mine. Snow. Portland, Oreg. rarely gets snow, but the heavens have decided to remain open for eight days and counting. The universe righted itself this year and let me fly home without major incident. I threaded the needle between Boston and Portland storms and arrived Tuesday evening.

Due to inclement conditions, I've left the house only twice in the last six days. The snow is really coming down! Yesterday, after eight inches of snow, it rained for awhile--creating ice an inch thick. Now it's snowing again with no dry day in the forecast until the 1st of the year.

I haven't grown bored or stir crazy... yet. This is when the true home-body in me is clearly evident. I'm happy being at home relaxing and wearing the same clothes. We're trying to ration the Diet Cokes with little success.

So far we're healthy, happy and enjoying the time to laze about and watch movies or play board games. Here we are, Saturday at 1pm, still in our pajamas and ratty hair playing Ticket to Ride. It's rather heavenly.
ticket to ride snow

Now we need the heavens to close for just a few minutes to get our final guests in on Tuesday and Friday.


kendall said...

I can't BELIEVE the snow! I'm going to take a picture in it to show that it covers my knees.

ju said...

Um, I'm coming on THURSDAY. Hope one of those final visitors you were accounting for was me.

And the best part about that weather? WFH!!!

Nat Attack said...

Bah! I meant Thursday. Or whatever day you can actually get in because the weather clears.

Best part about WFH? Pajamas 24/7.

ju said...

And the best part about pajamas 24/7? No need to change when you're ready to sleep again.

Nat Attack said...

Oh, how well you know me. I finally had to change out of my several (number withheld to protect the innocent) day old pajamas after they got wet from snow shoveling.

Rachel said...

Dang, why aren't you guys in Arizona? I would be happier if you were.

But I have to say, it sounds kind of nice hiding away and staying in your pajamas all day!

Here's to hoping that you get your Diet Coke soon!

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