Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Better off dead

There's nothing like feeling crummy to start feeling like the world is falling apart, right? It's an odd-numbered year, so it's time I got the flu. I've spent the better part of yesterday and today avoiding movement of any kind lest it aggravate my tired, sore, achy body. Wah wah wahhhh.

I think it's been about a hundred years since I did a brain dump. Far past time, and a good excuse to remember that the world isn't caving in because I've been in the same clothes too long, am wearing my glasses, and in general look like a monochromatic witch.

  • I spent several hours a few weeks ago hanging photos in my room. There's something magical about actually printing photos from Costco, framing them, and hanging them. I now have a wall arranged with some of my favorite photos -- my favorite piece being a 3x3 frame filled with me and nine of my besties. I kind of love that my Grandpa is the only male in that frame.
  • I went to Paris in December and as previously mentioned, I haven't stopped thinking about it since. My bathroom has kind of a Parisian theme, and my bedroom has several Eiffel towers in it now. I really do need to go back.
  • A year ago this week, my girlfriends and I went to Ireland and London. Somehow in a short year's span, I became a fairly well traveled person. No international travel for me this year sadly as I'll be spending all my vacation days attending weddings.
  • Holy weddings people! I haven't had a good friend get married in quite some time, and now they're just stacking up. How happy I am that the people I love are finding people to love.
  • I'm not the kind that loves having my schedule well planned, but I have a strange obsession with travel scheduling. I'm desperately trying to get all my flights for 2009 bought--including Christmas.
  • My country station has been playing non-stop on Pandora for the last week. I love the fact I very rarely have to even skip a song.
  • My fascination with awards shows continues. The Grammys were a few weeks ago and I tuned in with zest. The Oscars are this weekend and despite the fact I have only seen 4% of any of the nominations, I'm eagerly counting down until Sunday night. I might actually be the last person on earth who digs award shows.
  • Knock on wood, but I think we're done with snow this year. I know that's in no way true, but a girl can hope, right? The snow has all melted, and it's been in the 30's. Nothing too unmanageable, though I'm ready to shed the New England paste.
  • One of my absolute biggest pet peeves in life might be when people are only your friend when they need something. Seriously?
  • I crafted some pretty beautiful Valentines this year. I might not be the best at Christmas, birthday or Mother's/Father's day cards, but I try to do V's every year.
  • Thanks to a well gifted food processor and an excellent recipe by Mal Pal, I can now make a mean homemade salsa.
  • I'm going to be in Portland the end of March and am conducting a lunchtime workshop "brown bag" on cupcakes at work. A few people special requested it, and I normally make cupcakes when I go to the PDX office anyway... everyone wins this way. And I live for these kind of random things.
  • I'm on my fourth Blackberry in two years. I had a wild, wild, wild ten days of Phone issues last week. Suffice it to say I now have a phone with 12 numbers in it. I've realized this is about all I talk to, so I'm not crying over the loss of all those misplaced numbers. If you haven't heard from me, it's because I don't have your number -- if I need it I'll reach out, otherwise ping me.
  • If you can't come to something I plan or invite you to, a simple "sorry Nat, I can't attend" goes a looooooooooong way. Otherwise I'm just crossing you off my future invite list.
  • Linda and I live in the most beautiful home. There's not much other place I'd rather be than in my room (now that it's clean and packing bin-less!) or on the couch.
  • I did my taxes a month ago and have long since received my tax refund. The money is now sitting in savings earning interest that I can be taxed on again next year. Huzzah!
  • I'm serious about going abroad next March or April and am interested in finding a travel partner. If you're at all interested, let me know -- let's chat it out.
Okay! I still feel crummy on the inside, but feel slightly better having given yall a few minutes to procrastinate the work or school you should be doing. Be thankful for non-flu-ed bodies!


Rachel said...

Thank you for the brain dump! It was a great way to procrastinate life for a minute.

I'm sorry you're sick! That's a bummer.

You are so lucky to be such a little traveler. I'm graduating April 2010...maybe I'll be your travel buddy!

Isn't Pandora great?

ju said...

I'm just glad that I haven't been booted from the "Boston" list on your sidebar. I know that's random, but if you can do a random brain dump, I can make a random comment. FINE.

kendall said...

I hope you feel better!! I love you. Thanks(in advance) for coming to my wedding.

Mary Ann said...

At least you have some good movies to watch!

Alaina said...

Your Valentine was beeeea-u-tiful! Seriously. Adrie still digs those birds.

Sorry Nat, I probably can't attend your Portland brown bag :)

Breona said...

I'm sorry you are sick! Dave just got over the flu and we were lucky to have it pass by the rest of us.
Did you get another blackberry pearl? That's what I have and I love it... Or did you get a sweet touch phone? T-mobile can't get any of the cool phones? But I'm tempted to upgrade? Hope you feel better.

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