Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Still in Ta Middle

Once upon a time we went to Ireland. You already know that. We braced ourselves for non-stop dreary skies and foggy rain. If you think about the United Kingdom in February, that's the mental image that comes to mind, is it not?

But alas, a spot of good luck in weather seemed to welcome us to the fair Emerald Isle. In fact, the sun was out in such great force, I was forced to use the Williams' Squint. I'd packed it, but like the sponge rollers I also brought--didn't actually plan on using it/them. Fate had other plans!

On the second half of a very full day, (we did the Bunratty castle in the morning) we drove ourselves westward to the Coast, and the Cliffs of Moher.

The traditional view of the Cliffs, but because of the direction of the setting sun, and a a touch of fog, photos don't quite do it justice:


The view to the North


Sunnier cliffs unearth the Williams' Squint, and proof that supermodels make the big bucks because they know how to work the wind machine:

Family photos at the Cliffs

Doing the second major climb of the day. Three-hundred and twenty-five steps to this attraction.
As you can so obviously see, the Cliffs of Moher were breath-taking. It was easy to see why they're considered Ireland's top tourist attraction. Check it off the list. Woot. It was cool and windy, but as perfect a day as you can get in Ireland, in February. A general consensus was made however; traveling in the off-season is the way to do it. We wouldn't have been able to move as freely, park as close, or take as many uninturrupted photos as we did if we'd come during warmer months. It was awesome to experience something so monumental with a limited supply of people. And the very narrow, windy, trecherous roads were much easier to drive without a gynormous tour bus bearing down on you.

Morals of the story: Travel off-season. Buy sunglasses. Bring a hair tie. Don't pack sponge curlers on an international vacation.


stephanielynn said...

That first photo of the cliffs is AMAZING! So beautiful.

ju said...

also, forgo packing shirts and sweaters in favor of packing more coats. your pictures will thank you for the diversity. if i never see that black coat again, it will be too soon.

ju said...

uh, my black coat- not yours. yours is lovely.

Nat Attack said...

HA! I didn't even read it that way.

Funny enough, I had considered writing something about that dumb black jacket of mine (both yesterday and today), but cut the fat from my word count.

I think that coat is still sitting in a heap on my floor. I've tried to forget it exists.

Jan said...

No wonder you have such BUFF arms now! and down 4 pounds...that's what I call a stairmaster...
I love the humor pic of the crutches...breathtaking views...almost as good as Oregon!

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